Addiction is a horrible thing. I've had a sugar headache since yesterday afternoon and I so badly want to pop a pack of Pez candies. I know it will do the trick, but it will also sabotage the work-out this morning (which hurt like h.e. double hockey sticks). Completely a killer. I am considering popping two Advil for the pain.

Zucchini is one of my favorite veggies and so far it has been my go-to food when I am hungry. I refuse to be hungry the first few days of a new eating regime. If I allow myself to get hungry I will completely blow it. So I allow a few extra calories if I am hungry, but make those extra snacks smart choices. Think whole veggies, fruit or a low fat string cheese. I need to go to the grocery store too, it will make my choices for meals so much more enjoyable when I stock my house with only good choices! So even though I am grouchy today, and I wish I could sleep through the first three days of a new diet, I know the scale will be my reward and so will my clothes fitting better. Until then, I am staring at the chocolate chips in the fridge that would instantly do the trick and dreaming of my "cheat day". But my resolve is so strong, they aren't tempting me. And by my cheat day, I will probably forget about them.

So fair warning, if you call me today or tomorrow and I am short with you, Dave this includes you, please forgive me. I am fighting my sugar addiction for a smaller waistline.

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  1. :( I hope the sugar doesn't beckon too strongly. Couldn't you just eat the fun snack but go on an extra walk this evening or something? Okay, sorry....I'm that devil on your shoulder. I will refrain from here on....PROMISE.

  2. My favorite "I want ice cream NOW" substitute, in case you'd like to try it.
    I call it the un-ice cream ice cream.

    2 frozen bananas
    1/4 c. skim milk, or more if needed
    1/8 t. peppermint extract
    1 squirt honey, to taste
    2-4 T. semi-sweet chocolate chips

    Chunk up the banana and blend it with the milk, honey, and mint extract in the blender, stopping and stirring often to help it mix up (it'll be thick). Add the chocolate chips at the end, blending so they break up a little.

    This is almost as good as regular mint-chocolate chip ice cream, a little banana-y (to be expected, but don't let that scare you off), but really hits the spot for an ice-cream lover like me. And the great news is: no side-effects like ice cream has (for me: tiredness and lethargy, for you, a tummy ache, right?). Enjoy! Let me know if you try it, and how you like it.

  3. PEZ?? What are those 10 calories? Eat the Pez man! My cravings are things like Milky Way bars and Snickers ice Cream bars...

    PEZ will not undo your hard work...I promise this. Go eat your pez.

    And WTG on the workout!!!!


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