These cookies called Laceys. My favorite cookie.
I also love lemon bars. I love ice-cream and really moist brownies. I just bought a container of the above cookies. Now, after spending the evening with a cute little family and coming up with a fabulous plan, these cookies will all have to be eaten by midnight tonight. You think I can do it? I'm sure of it. There are only 10 cookies in the whole container. I've already eaten 2 before this even posts to my blog, so there is only 8 left. That's one an hour during a regular work day. Easy!

What is our fabulous, so fun you'll want to join in plan? Stay-tuned. You will have a part in it and be able to join in if you so desire. The only thing I will tell you is....this fabulous plan includes really great, really funny pictures. Pictures so funny (and so real) that we all laughed so hard we almost pee'd our pants. Well Mommy K had an excuse, she just had a baby. And maybe it was the titles we were throwing around with the picture taking that made it so funny. There will be a poll with the pictures and you can help us pick the title to our little photo shoot and fabulous plan......so stay-tuned for later this afternoon!

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  1. Seriously, wasn't childbirth enough? What's with the peeing too? It's so sad. :(


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