I have tried to turn these several times....sorry for the crooked neck.

Last weekend really was all about 'whatever I wanted to do.' Every time I asked Dave what we should do next, he would say, "whatever you want to do hunny." And he meant it. We started at two antique stores in Benicia he had scoped out for me around Christmas time. Then drove over the Richmond Bridge to Corte Madera where he endured a few hours at Anthropologie and Nordstroms. He even sat right outside the dressing room and acted interested when I came out in a new pair of jeans. We then headed to The Melting Pot, an intimate fondue dinner that is relaxed and slow and offers lots of opportunities to talk. Good thing neither of us are big texters! We talked the whole time. Chocolate fondue dessert was amazing. After dinner, we headed back over the Richmond Bridge and stayed at a favorite hotel that we have only admired from afar. Imagine our surprise when the rate was only $81 for the night! We were so excited. We had toyed about just driving home to sleep at home (about an hour away) to save money. But $81 near SF.....we jumped on it and it was nice.

We woke up around 7:30 am and Dave headed off to find a Starbucks while I got ready. We had our favorite breakfast sandwiches and a hot chocolate and headed to Alameda for the antique fair. We were there ALL DAY LONG. Six hours of walking back and forth, weaving through vendors. Some that completely caught our eyes and we had to linger at. Our first find was a vintage Samsonite suitcase with black and white flowers. Just what I was looking for. The last thing on my list was a dress form and we found that 10 minutes before closing near the front, so we didn't have to carry it all over. But Dave was a good sport and offered to carry most items for me so I could really browse. We had a great weekend. I have posted a picture of our 'finds' on my Butterflies blog. You can find it here. As I get older, I find it is harder to feel special on your birthday. Dave did a great job at it though. It was my dream weekend! Thank you my hunk-a-hunk of burning love!

This weekend.....we are cleaning out our garage AGAIN and attending a friend's 30th birthday party, going to church and just hanging out. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy Weekend to you! Enjoy the birthday party...enjoy the sun. I think we're getting clouds...and thunderstorms. Again. *big huge sigh*


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