My first trunk show is tonight for Funky Vintage Kitchen. I'm actually going to crash a Bunko night (where I was invited to crash....of course) at my friend's home. My little helper, Kaia, is coming with me. She is soooo good. Brilliant actually. And sweet to the customers. I think she sells the product because she is so cute with how she talks about her mommy and her talent to make pretty things. Ok....so I just like to hear her talk so sweet about me. She is almost a teenager....these sweet comments about her mother might not last much longer. I'll take 'em while I can get them. I look forward to our evening together.

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  1. How exciting!! Do great, which I am sure you will because your goodies are wonderful!

    Go Kaia too! Want to give Bri & Jo leasons? Because they ARE teenagers... and just that moody! I cold deal with the sweetness back for a day or two...

  2. April, how exciting!! I hope you have a great time with Kaia.

    Those earrings are so cheery :)

    Saskia x

  3. OK - it's the next day and we want to hear you brag about the show. It's OK 'cause it's your blog!

    Love, Mom

  4. All the best April! I'm sure it will be a raging success. I have those earrings (well not those EXACT ones) but just like those and they always get tons of compliments.

  5. Hey April!!! I hope all goes well... knowing you, things will go amazing, you'll sell it alland have back orders to last you through the month! Have fun and give Kaia a silly wink for me!

  6. That girl loves her mommy MUCHO. Or is it muchos? I took French. Anyhow....I just have a feeling that your relationship with her will be sturdy during the teenage years. It just has that "vibe", even if it is only coming "through the wires".


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