So here is my take on the Alameda antique show/fair. Thousands of people and lots of stuff of things my wife made me throw away years ago. For example, April sees a cool 70's bike like the one you've seen in the commercial "hey money, what up.....everybody loves money" (for Comcast) you know the one. Anyway, I gently remind her that we had a bike exactly like that and she gave it away because it was OLD and that if I was her I would kick my own butt for not listening to my husband and keeping the coolest Pee Wee Herman bike ever. After 73 miles walking up and down every square foot of that place we found the perfect OLD items she was searching for. Take my advice, if you think its cool or retro hold on to it because if you show it to Ape she will probably buy it from you. Over all the getaway weekend was great! It was good to be with Ape, just the two of us. If you have a chance to have the kids stay at grandma and grandpa's house or even a sitter for the evening, man up and take your girl out and remind her why you guys are still into each other.
By Guest Blogger: Dave

Hi, it's Ape (my nickname from high school) here! The weekend really was special. In fact my whole birthday celebration was amazing this year. It started with a small evening out with girlfriends for dinner and ended helping/watching a friend deliver her baby Sunday night. Dave dropped me off at the hospital on our way home from Alameda. I got there right before she pushed the baby out and reminded her that her body WAS made to do this naturally and that she was AMAZING. I have lots more to write about the weekend and pictures to share of my MAN carrying all my OLD goods around the antique fair. (We didn't bring a cart. We will never do that again.) We have kindergarten graduation today and last day of school tomorrow. Two busy days. So stay tuned for pics from our weekend. They are coming!


  1. Gotta love grandma and grandpa's house! Glad you guys had a nice weekend together. It definitely is much needed every once in a while. Wish my hubby would take note...haha. Love the guest blogger in you, Dave!

  2. Dave, where is all the love??? No comments for you. What's up with that!

  3. "Kick my own butt"... muwah ha ha! That got me laughing! Funny take on vintage & antiques. I'll definitely have Rob read your post. Especially the part about, "man up and take your girl." I think he'll listen to that.
    April.... Ape (really?) that's funny. Glad you had a great birthday. I can't wait for the pictures and see all your great finds. You guys are so fun blogging together. I am thoroughly entertained.


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