JacksonandLucy.blogspot.com owners! Sometimes I take a look at feedjit and see how people are coming my way. Apparently this sweet little blog owner is either taking a lookie often or sending people my way. I wanted to go visit, but it is an "invitation only" blog. Bummer, I wasn't invited. :( Would love to meet you and check out your blog someday! I'm not the best blogger with regards to returning comments and visits, especially when my day gets so busy I almost don't get in my own daily post. But I do try to make my way to everyone who visits me. But I can also respect the fact that you might just want to lurk and stay anonymous. If that is the case, I understand. My feelings will not be hurt. I do my own share of lurking too!

Apparently people are also finding my blog by searching google with these key words: Dirty Hippie, Grandma Simpson (from Halloween post), New Haircut, Losers, Crap Cakes, Dog Mouth Watering, Heart Swelled, Faux Moustache, P90X Spokesmodel, Speedo Cannonball Photo, and Whipped Cream Topping. I think the most disturbing are the Dirty Hippie (seriously are people googling pictures of that?), Crap Cakes (does something really exist?) and Speedo Cannonball Photo (might actually have to google that one myself.)!

It is always interesting to find out how someone found you! I would love to hear how you found me.....if you can remember!

kisses, april


  1. I'm Kathy Moore's sister. I'm not trying to lurk, I'm trying to see how she is doing on her weight loss and I have fun seeing her friends from Napa. Anyway she says your really cute and crafty so it peaked my interest.

  2. I love lurkers and key words. I wonder what would happen if you typed up a post using only your word verifications? Would you get any hits with searches from them? I wonder....

    Sister lurking is cool, Annie, and even cooler that you can spy on your sister through her friend! My sisters read my blog but never comment. I suppose reading is better than nothing. I don't have any cool "program" like the weight loss thing, though....just my insane thoughts. April is HOT, too. That's why I read her.

  3. I can't remember how I found your blog. Most likely through one of my friends blogs.

    This was such a crack up - dirty hippie - ha ha.

    Love your blog!

  4. Annie,

    Yay for JacksonandLucy.blogspot answering the call! What a quick response. I love Kathy and Colin and Ira. We are taking care of them here in our neck of the woods and she is working out hard. What a cutie you have for a sister....you lucky girl! Thanks for answering to my 'calling'!

  5. I found your blog through my sister's blog (Stacey Maughan) a few months back. And I was hooked after the "pest control" story! It was so hilarious! I find the stories you share about your son to be very touching and inspirational. Your blog makes me laugh, and even shed the occasional tear or two. So thanks!

  6. Hmmm.. I found your blog through a heartfelt responce that you gave someone on a SB Support group that I must have joined at some point in time because random emails appear in my inbox. But I am not complaining becaue one of those random emails had your blog info in it :) SO glad to have found you!


I heart comments! Just one rule that I'm sure your momma taught you...if you don't have anything nice to say...please don't say anything at all!

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