So you know how before you start an exercise program you are encouraged to take the big "before pictures"? Well last night, while at our friend's home, we decided (the girls) to start the shorter version of P90X called BeachBody workout. Somehow we talked Dave into joining in with us. Mommy K is 10 weeks post partum. She is ready to lose her baby weight and frankly so are Dave and I! So we decided on a workout schedule. The three of us committed to a schedule and committed to eating healthy while working out. Our goal.....well we have quite a few of them. But our motivation......to report all our progress on this blog. To keep regular updates. Kind of like a "return and report" accountability system. We giggled and laughed while taking our before pictures and decided we definitely needed a title to our weight loss challenge.

Here are our pictures with our ideas for titles below. Check out the poll to pick your favorite title. AND....our challenge to you.....JOIN US in our weight loss challenge! Post your "before picture" with start date and weight on a piece of paper (like we did) on your blog and start a work-out program and a healthy eating plan. Come back here and leave a comment with your blog address so we can set up a link. We will all return and report our progress in the comment section on this blog each Friday. Make sure to take your measurements before starting too! We are starting tomorrow. We will check back in on Friday, but aren't expecting much difference until next Friday's check-in. Please consider joining us. We think it will be really fun! Here goes our before pictures!

Date and Weight.

Mommy K...10 weeks postpartum, April 7 years postpartum, Dave.....six minutes until delivery!

Sitting down with no sucking in or tucking in! Muffin top.....say bye-bye.

Dave due to deliver his Monster Energy Drink Addiction any day now!

So there you have it. Our most unflattering "before" pictures! Now for our weight-loss challenge title picks.....

"Destination.....BEACHBODY Spokesmodels!"
"Destination......Get on Ellen's Show and Win a Beach Vacation with our New BEACHbodies!"
"Destination......Waist 27, 28, 34"
"We are Losers.....Join us."
Now go vote in the poll up there on the right--------->

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  1. hahaha ok you guys are awesome! you are too funny with the "muffin top" pictures! one of the many reasons why we all love you guys! I think it's awesome you guys are doing it together that makes it WAY easier

  2. Good Luck you guys! Beachbody has THE best workouts. I have done most of them, I even won $300 from them just for working out. I'm considering becoming a Beachbody Coach I am so addicted to the workouts. If you have any questions about any of the workouts I can let you know my thoughts/experience with them.

  3. Awesome- Count me in!
    Now I just have to get my P90X DVD's back from whoever borrowed them.
    It's been long enough I don't even remember who...

  4. How brave you 3 are to put yourselves out there like that! What would really make things interesting is if the before shots were in swimsuits! :) Am I completely out of it that I don't know what P90X is?

  5. I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to see the updates. I did my weight loss program with a friend and it is so much easier to have to report to someone else. We are still reporting. You know I love beachbody. I have done many of the workouts but P90X and Chalean Extreme are the best. Goodluck!

  6. What irony.....my sister and I are slated to simultaneously start P90X this coming Monday. She's in UT and I'm here--so we'll check in with each other and provide encouragement. I hear we need it..... I bought my chin-up bar the other day and set it up. All I can do is hang from it.....NOT ONE chin-up. Hopefully, that will be different in a few months. Good luck. Can't wait to hear how it is going :)


  7. haha, love it. I want to join but can I not post before pictures :) just save them in a file for me to look at.

  8. I'm in..... now who to take my picture.... I'm all about humiliation..LOL! Thanks for making me smile. I bet your photo shoot was hysterical:)


  9. Okay my husband and I will join. We will officially weigh in Friday and take pictures. Don't have a heart attack, I've gained a lot since high school. My husband has P90x and loves it. Probably a bit to much for my size right now. How do I post pictures?

  10. FYI - I posted a link to you and your loser challenge on my blog. Just in case any of my readers feel the need.... :)


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