I usually don't work well in this kind of mess.
But I'm getting used to it.
Actually, since taking this picture the area is a little more organized.
All fabric is either cut and labeled or stacked under the sewing machine neatly, color coordinated.
We haven't eaten at our table in about a month.
Good thing we have a large kitchen island.
Although it is covered in cake stands drying right now so I'm not sure where my kids will eat breakfast this morning. Maybe in the car. On the way to school.

While I was sewing last night I let my mind dream a little.
I am actually going to be selling something I created in two days.
Like in a store like setting. That makes me a little nervous, but is exhilirating.
Then I dreamt a little more and thought....."what if in a few years I could open an actual store. A successful store. Oh that is too scary....." so I stopped thinking about it.
But Dave has said, "What if Funky Vintage Kitchen became a home party type business all over the United States?" I said, "Oh hunny, you are sweet, but I don't think that would ever happen."

He said, "Don't you like that I dream big for you?"
But I have four loads of clean laundry sitting on my bedroom floor. Bills to pay. Return phone calls to make. Kids to feed. Invoices to send out. Floors to sweep. Dinners to make. Catheters to wash. Research to do on bigger diapers. Too many things to be dreaming big.
But I am enjoying the ride!
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  1. Oh April....we are such kindred spirits that it is so scarry! Bt dream big girl.... dream big... Because we serve a Lord that dreams big for us, and helps to carry the load for us when we accept his gift of big dreams!

    Sweet Blessings to YOU!!

  2. I love that though....while you are in laundry toting...floor sweeping reality....he's doing the dreaming for you....love that he's doing that for you....and it is a pretty cool idea....

  3. And I will be over after work to fold laundry. Keep washing it and dump it on your floor. I'll toss it and fold it ... while you make dreams a reality for this weekend!

    Love you girl,
    Mom xoxo

  4. Sounds like you need a Buttercream run...I will trade Buttercream for mom coming to my house instead of yours!!! hahaha...


  5. let me know if you have something I could help with. I don't sew but I can fold clothes!!

  6. I was going to come over last night, but our house has been sick all week. I lost my voice on Monday night and have been not talking since then!!! A very long time for me! I hate that I feel like such a flake all the time. I hate that I let you down... I am so sorry!

  7. Hey.... Is one of those aprons in all that mess mine?

    Love Ya, Molly

  8. Can your mom come do my laundry too? Or at least bring your cute clothes that would fit me over here?! :)

  9. I love a good working mess. Creativity in progress!


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