Most of you know about my love affair with whipping cream. I buy two bottles a week. We take shots of whipping cream straight from the bottle and sometimes sit down to a snack consisting of a bowl of whipping cream. Both Blake and Kaia are fans. Dave....not so much. But that is OK. If he were, I would need to buy three bottles a week. Here are the high points of my Mother's Day weekend.

1. Saturday night I was bought my favorite ice cream and a trashy magazine "Us Weekly" to enjoy.

2. Crumb cake breakfast muffins for breakfast, made by Dave and the kids.

3. I was told I had the day off from diaper duty, but still ended up changing a poopy one. But it was OK...it was my choice and part of what being a mother is all about. I felt honored he picked me as his diaper changer of choice.

4. I received my vintage jars, a lovely dishcloth and some fun running socks in my favorite colors. (I think I am supposed to pick up running sometime soon!)

5. I wore a bikini to our family swim party and announced to all "that I really had no business being in a bikini, but be glad it wasn't a thong bikini." and then proceeded to make my bottoms a thong and pranced around the pool. (My sister's father-in-law about died.)

6. I received a great little coupon book from my kids that I plan on cashing in. Every. Single. Coupon.

7. And last, was almost thrown into the pool still dressed, but ended jumping in myself after my auntie did this, see picture below, to me. Let's just say....I WAS the whipped cream topping to the perfect SUNDAY! (Brilliant little play on words there....if I do say so myself!)

It was a lovely day!

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  1. Sounds like me a fun day to me! Those pictures are sooo funny!!!

  2. what, no thong pictures. dang :)

  3. LOL The fact that you'd make the bottom a thong KILLS ME. I love it! My kinda lady....although I'm not even sure even I would have the courage to do that. Hee hee. Happy Mom's Day late!

  4. I tried to get a picture for all to see but wasn't quick enough with the fancy camera I had to try to figure out! It was a sight..oh my! Definitely a fun day and a Mother's Day not to forget, especially for my father-in-law! You were a good sport!

    Love, Jill

  5. You need to ask Carla about the whipped cream kitchen tool she has. It will give you butterflies. :)
    Cute pics!

  6. If I do Say so myself, I take pretty good pictures. Haha. Auntie Jill tried doing it but couldnt figure it out so i took the pictures.Happy mother's day, mom.


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