I'm grateful for them. My sister, my brother and myself have become incredibly close in just a short period of time. Certain times call for families to pull together. My little brother had a need and Jill and I couldn't help but be his big sisters. Instantly. As it should be. Lucky for us, we all live in the same town. I couldn't be happier.

As adults Jill and I have just gotten really close in the last few years. Well maybe the last 10 years. Actually it is starting to feel like we have been close longer than we haven't. {Remember from an earlier post...she didn't really care for me borrowing her clothes.} And I feel fortunate at this time in my adult life to have the opportunity to be spending so much time with my brother and getting to know him better again. I think the biggest thing that Jill and I want for him to know is that he is not a burden to us.

Tomorrow I am spending the day with Jason in San Francisco at his medical appointments. We have a fun time together and I am looking forward to it.

(Just interrupted while posting this post with a hot water tank exploding all over my backyard. Got water and gas turned off....hubby will be coming home to a mess. Bummer.)

Busy week ahead. I have two craft fairs I am getting ready for at the end of this week. Plus will be shopping for a new hot water heater now on top of it. My posting might be spotty, but I plan on showing little updates on getting ready for my booth/display that I will be using at the craft fairs. Right now I'm sipping on raspberry lemonade. I did have a very relaxing, very enjoyable afternoon yesterday at my sister's pool with Blake and her family. Dave was gone this weekend on his dual sport ride and Kaia was at a sleepover birthday party. Blake and I swam, hung out and swam some more in our 100 degree heat weather. We have a full fledged swimmer now. Blake is all over that pool, even treading water. That will make for a fun summer this year.

Well I'm off to go crunch soggy raspberry seeds between my teeth while I drink my lemonade and watch the kiddos plus some cousins slip and slide down the slip and side. My sewing pile is not getting any lower, but I have been working on some recycled aprons that are just bringing me great delight. I just finished one made from a vintage curtain.

Being it is Sunday today and I didn't go to church, (which was a little blessing because the hot water heater exploded just 15 minutes after church started) I am carrying a little prayer in my heart that this week, as busy as it will be, I will be able to find time to enjoy the little things, cherish my children and my family, and be able to utilize my time to its fullest to get much accomplished. Oh and a million dollars wouldn't hurt either!


  1. I have so been there with the water heater explosion! Happened while Roger was out of town. Nice.
    I have been thinking about ya lately---thought I'd quit lurking and comment already!

  2. ARGH! I should have just gone to your house today! Kaitlin was taken home early from church... I could've dropped off your stuff because you weren't at church! I am such a flake! I don't know if you've found a guest blogger for Butterflies this week or not, but I am ready for the challenge if you are!

    P.S. I love that you continued blogging even after your water heater exploded... that is true dedication!

  3. That's really too bad about the water heater exploding. That doesn't sound like so much fun! 3 things we have in common:
    1) I also drank raspberry lemonade today. Although the kind you had sounds like the real stuff, since you had seeds. I drank the fake kind.
    2) I also didn't go to church today.
    3) I am going to have a really busy week ahead too.
    Hope you have a good week!

  4. raspberry lemonade....sounds fabulous....and it's amazing that adult relationship you have with your siblings...I love my relationship with my sister...it's one I can't quite explain...but very special....

  5. And nothing is more gratifying for parents than to see their adult children enjoy each other. Yesterday I went to Michael's ballgame in the afternoon. Jason came along. At one point I turned around and saw Jason and Mike sitting side by side, spitting sunflower seeds and chatting. Brothers. Yes. Thank you Heavenly Father for FAMILIES. And thank you girls for really stepping up. No regrets now for sure.

    Love, Mom


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