We had a great weekend. Busy as usual, but great! One thing we did was clean out the garage and move my Funky Vintage Kitchen workspace out there. In doing so we have reclaimed our kitchen and dining room space. I'm planning dinner tonight with cloth napkins whilst dining at our table. We also created two big piles for a garage sale we are planning for Saturday morning. Once the garage sale items are sold, my workspace will feel more inviting. Although I will still be sewing inside to be centered in the home and with the family, all my supplies will stay neatly organized in the garage and easy to find. And drying cake stands can now fill up the work tables in the garage instead of the kitchen island.

Pictures are coming of both spaces. Just recharging my camera battery now. Oh....and the craft fair on Saturday went extremely well. Met really nice crafters and I had the best helper EVER. Kaia. She was truly amazing. Attentive. Professional. Personable. And that girl worked hard. I treated her to a darling little coin purse and a little necklace. We had a great time together. We hugged several different times during the day and expressed how happy we were to be spending the day together as Mother/Daughter. It was a precious day for me.

Happy Tuesday (even though it feels like Monday)!

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  1. She looks like a very mature young lady. Her face just looks SWEET and good natured. I think I will spend next weekend with my boys...a day for each of them.


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