For a little boy,
whose parents were told their unborn son would never walk or run, he sure does go through shoes fast. And I couldn't be happier! These are only 3 months old.

I always am overcome
with gratitude when I have to buy Blake new shoes because they are worn out, not because they are too small. Where some parents moan and groan because their children are not careful or too rough with their shoes, I feel satisfaction. Grateful for miracles. Because you see, he is walking because of a little miracle....an answer to a sweet prayer....lots of them actually. A story that I need to share sometime soon.

We went shoe shopping today.

Here are his new ones.

He is so excited!

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  1. Love the new sneaks....way cool...and he is one miracle guy.....wear em out blake...wear em out....

  2. Yes, I've also wanted to write a story called "Blake's Miracle." You are welcome to use the title. We love your worn out shoes Blake!

    Love, Grandma & Grandpa Erickson

  3. What a blessing it is to be able to see him overcome boundries and hurdles in his way. He is a gift from God.

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  5. Way to go Blake! I look forward to hearing that you wore these ones out in 2 1/2 months!!!

  6. SO FUNNY!!!

    I was SERIOUSLY, just making plans to go to the VANS store tonight to buy Nathaniel shoess too.. and laughing that he keeps wearing his out too! What a miracle hu? THANK YOU LORD for miracle children like Blake and Nathaniel!!

    So quetion.. does Blake wear Vans because he likes them, or because you have searched high and low for shoes that fit right?? Vans are the ONLY shoes Nat can wear with his Spina Bifida feet and braces...

  7. I would love to read that story!
    It already brought tears to my eyes because I can relate. My son Taylor was almost blind until he was 5 (we didn't know) and now he sees just fine and is even a pitcher for his baseball team - truly a miracle that I think about everytime I watch him.
    So Hooray for you son and his worn out shoes and I hope you share your story :D


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