She really is amazing. Even though I think most of the time she doesn't think she is. She is pulled in many directions. She is raising four children, has a husband that works hard at work and then coaches baseball practically all year. She works full-time at home doing medical transcription, plus lots of over-time at home doing medical transcription and most nights she plans and makes dinner for her family.

This morning I had plans on going out and getting a hot chocolate and a wonderful cream horn from our local bakery Buttercream Bakery. Blake ended up staying home sick from school with a bad cough (no...not swine flu) and a horribly runny nose. There went my plans for a nice start to a day alone. I also needed to get 4 aprons sewn and ready this morning by 11:30 am.

I called my sister asking her if Buttercream sounded good. I told her I was craving a cream horn and really needed one but Blake was home sick. And I COULD pack him up in the car, but I also had aprons to make. After just a little bit of encouraging (plus it didn't help that I asked her what her favorite treat was at Buttercream haha just to get her drooling) she said, "I'll be right over with Buttercream, but I have to leave your house by 12 noon. I have tons of work to do."

She came with 2 cream horns and doughnuts for the kids. We sat in my kitchen and chatted like sisters do, me watching the clock carefully. I didn't want to mess up her schedule too bad. But I really had a desire to just hang out with her. She left at 12:30. She was 30 minutes late to work! Well according to her own schedule! I've been 30 minutes late to work if you remember correctly. It was worth it and I hope today was worth it for her too. I loved every minute we spent together today.

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  1. I enjoyed it too! Thanks for the endless begging of me to go to Buttercream. It was yummy and I enjoyed our conversation. Yes, I was very late to work (on my own schedule) and didn't get too much done the rest of the day! It was nice chatting and I'm glad we have the opportunity to be so close to be able to be there for each other in these times of need! Isn't that what sisters are for anyways.. and for our brother too! I love you and thank you for being you!


  2. Sisters are amazing...how lucky are you you get to live close to yours....I envy that relationship....and 30 minutes...that's nothin...wink wink

  3. All work makes for a stressful life. Need to take these special moments now and again. I'm glad you gave in Jill. It was good for both of you. And yes, you are there for each other, and for your brother ~ and that makes my heart swell!

    Love, Mom

  4. Your moms comment made me get a little teary eyed. I am so glad you guys are close. I wish I had my 3 sisters closer, yes you are the third one I am referring to. :) It is times like this you were talking about that wasn't planned that means so much. I am glad you guys had a good day and Jill got to enjoy her time not working too.

  5. Your sister is pretty amazing. I have a lot of good and fun memories from High School of Jill. She's beautiful inside and out. She's a great mom and a great wife. What a wonderful example.AND she brings buttercream......she rocks!!! Thank goodness for sisters. I feel lucky that I have so many of them.


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