I've already made $235 and it isn't even Saturday yet. Apparently I have a reputation! My husband would call it something else.....like...."buy high, sell low syndrome". Oh well, at the least the garage will be cleaned out nicely by Saturday afternoon.

I'm off to Chef's Market again tonight to peddle my wares. And the cake plates are going to be cute tonight. I scored at a consignment shop yesterday. AND OMGosh.....I had my eye on a 4 piece set of adorable little dainty juice glasses. I picked one up and went to pick up the second one and a customer came around the corner and said, "Oh those are sold," and she started to take them from my hand. I said, "really....they are still on the shelf." Then she said, "Oh I was just getting money from my son." I wanted to say, "you snooze, you loose" or "well you shouldn't have left them on the shelf" or "I thought the rule was once you put it down it is up for grabs to someone else" but instead I kind of mumbled "well they were still on the shelf....but whatever" and walked away kind of laughing about how mean I really could have been and started a full fledged customer war in a consignment store with an older lady, but decided I was really happy with my finds and I didn't want to ruin my good mood.

I have also added some adorable bobby pins to my FVK and I promise to work on my Etsy site this weekend. I PROMISE! Hope you have a happy, no grabbing goods out of other people's hands kind of day.

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  1. Now why in the world wouldn't she have picked them off the shelf and held them while she got her money??? That's just bizarre. I'd have bargained for her to get one set, me the other. LOL

  2. Way to take the high road!! You will get your reward.. when you least expect it! :)

    Look forward to seeing your new treasures on etsy!

  3. I thought the story was going to end in a fight... I am sorry to say I was a tad bit excited. Maybe you're right though, old lady wins. Although, if she was any younger I would've expected more out of you, young lady!


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