Cake plates ready to go.....

New apron combo.......

And ring display with polka dot tablecloth!

Now I just have to go get my seller's permit this morning, pick up my vinyl logo banner, make an inventory list, price my items, make little display signs, sew tablecloths and add pom poms, find a hand mirror that fits the "funky" for my jewelry, stick stickers on shopping bags, make burp cloths and two more nursing aprons.....all by 3:00 pm.

And then pack it all up for set up. The Chef's Market is from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm. I won't lie. I'm nervous. It's such a vulnerable feeling putting your handmade wares out there and hoping everyone likes them. I've heard craft fairs can be harsh sometimes with the comments people make within ear shot (oh no....I've probably been guilty myself). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that only nice people are going to be out tonight! Hope to see some of you local people there. Please come by and introduce yourself if you are a lurker. I promise I won't think you are a stalker. You are considered a friend! I mean....you know everything about me and still like me.....right?!

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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  1. You will do just fine! Your products are great and people love you. Congrats!

  2. Sorry I took up your sewing time last night ~ but it was fun to chat! Good luck this WHOLE weekend. I'll call and check in.

    Love you,

  3. Good luck!! I think all your stuff is positively delicious and will sell like hot-cakes!! Ahhh the Chef's Market. Love it, miss it, wish I could be there. Have fun!!

  4. I love everything...especially the polka dots!!!

  5. April, Everything is BEAUTIFUL !!
    Don't be nervous. I wish I was going tonight to see you and your booth. Any plans on offering a friendly class on making rings? I would love to learn how. Good luck with all your craft fairs.


  6. Everything looks fantastic....I LOVE the ring holder...it is fabulous...

  7. I will say this again...I think you are brave. :) I wish I could come to the craft fair and stalk you. Of course, I'd be buying a ring or an apron or both so that I could have something to show for my stalking. :)

  8. ahhh.. the nerves of craft fairs... so not fun! But you will do AWESOME!! It dosen't matter what anyone says... you know in your heart that you are great and your things are beautiful!!

    Take a deep breath at the opening of the fair, say your prayer.... and HAVE FUN!!!

  9. Oh how I wish I were closer!! I NEED one of those fabulous aprons and cake plates! ugh!


I heart comments! Just one rule that I'm sure your momma taught you...if you don't have anything nice to say...please don't say anything at all!

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