Here's what we got from Farm Fresh to You. This whole box full of yummy fruits and veggies. So far we have eaten the avocados, the strawberries, some lettuce and a few of the oranges. And everything has been yummy and juicy and perfectly ripe. The only veggie we received that we might not use.....fava beans. Not sure what to do with them even though a recipe came with them. Anyway, we are up to the challenge of finishing it all before it goes bad and before our next shipment comes. In fact, I'm off now to have another orange. They are the juciest I've ever had. Like dripping down my arm juicy!

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  1. I think fava beans are supposed to be magic....for in love adults.....some sort of Aphrodisiac.
    Have fun with them!!

  2. Hmm... I never really realized that fava beans were real I guess. {Oh what a sheltered life I lead... ha!} I always thought that when the weirdo guy in Silence of the Lambs said it, that it was a joke or really something else. Ugh, I dont know what I really thought! haha!!


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