My birthday is one week from today. I am thinking these would be nice to eat on June 5th...hmmm let's say around lunch time (hint hint)! But if I got them in the morning then I would be able to eat them all day. Oh, these blue cheese stuffed grapes topped with candied walnuts are my favorite little dainty bite!

My day was crazy today. Chef's Market went OK last night and I am just plain tired this afternoon. Welcome weekend. Welcome garage sale.

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  1. MMmmyummy. Now why did I think your b-day was in April?? ;) Which day is it? Congrats on all your selling success :D So exciting.
    Btw, there's an award on my blog for you. Happy birthday.

  2. Only Stephanie can give you that yummy treat ~ but I would like to take you to lunch on your birthday if someone hasn't beaten me to it. Jill, would you like to join us?

    Happy Birthday week April!
    Love, Mom xoxo

  3. Stuffed grapes? How in the world can someone stuff a grape and have them still look like THAT afterward? That's talent.


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