...and feeling quite smug with license plate in hand for hubby's dirt bike.

Would you believe it if I told you we were called to DMV window #7 again? We were....but different guy working. Karma.....it'll come back and hit you on the head worker must have called in sick with an ouchie on his head (or it was his lunch break....but I like the first idea better). Yea for us! This guy was respectful, nice and happy to serve us. We even had a scratch out from the CHP officer on a form that said "no alterations allowed on this form". I pointed it out that the incorrect numbers were DMV's fault and New DMV worker #7 actually apologized and accepted the form as is. 30 minutes later we walked out the door all smiles with a cute little motorcycle license plate in hand!

Oh and "going postal" is a slang reference to snapping. Like ex-postal workers who have snapped in the past.

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  1. Whooo Hooo!!!

    Score one for the good guys!


  2. Aw Gretchen, I was gonna say Whooo Hooo! April, I'm glad you're on my side when a job needs to get done. Smug is appropriate today!


  3. Awesome! I love it when the good guy wins...

  4. YAY April!!! I hope the karma will hit you in the head guy sees that you guys were able to win!! Ugh! He so needed a new job!

  5. I had to call and re-order my checks and the person on the phone apologized for the person before them not getting it done. Gotta love workers that take responsibility, even if it's not theirs. Customer service hasn't totally died.


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