Random.Org picked commenter ...............Esther Peterson! Congratulations.

For the prize, I decided to go with my "go-to" scent that is always sure to lift me! Anything in lemongrass these days will do and this body lotion has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw the packaging! And the scent......perfect. Along with the lotion, Esther will also get a lemongrass mineral bath soak for a little "me" time in a nice hot bath. Enjoy!

You all did such a fabulous job cheering me too! I wish I could afford a little something something for each of you. But my heartfelt thanks will have to do.

Esther, I hope you enjoy your sweet scents. Thank you for the beautiful poem. Seriously, each and every one of your thoughts were beautiful and touching. You girls are great!

Here's to 300 more posts!
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  1. What *adorable* packaging and I'm with you on lemongrass scent-it is so happy inducing :) Congrats to Esther. I hope you are feeling ever-better :)

  2. Congratulations to Esther. I really love going around blogland and seeing all these give aways and winners and stuff. It's like its own little world....and yes, right now I'm picturing bubbles and clouds.

  3. Thank you April,

    I did not expect to be the winner and I have to say It felt so good. Hope you feel better. Am I going to get that nice MUSTACHE you got after using the mineral bath soak?
    Can not wait to shave it !!!! :)

  4. Yeah Esther....and am so looking forward to what's coming up with the Kennedy's....


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