1) Dave ate an oreo cookie with filling removed and re-filled with toothpaste!

2) Brock fell for "your shoe is untied"!

3) Kaia sat on a lubed toilet seat!

4) Brock fell for "your shoe is untied.....again"!

5) Dave sat on a lubed toilet seat and warned that I was due for a big one!

6) Kaia got Dave telling him that she got a 60 minute detention for dress code violation.

AND....one more still to come........a big black gummy RAT to put in our guests' bed tonight before they go to bed! Hope they don't wake up the kids with a scream!

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  1. I would require counseling if i found a rat in my bed....

    Sounds like a fun day. :D

  2. oh my gosh...you are killing me. I was dying laughing reading this...and your poor friends. I guess they won't forget their visit! You should have set Kaia's clock for 4 hours early and make her get up and dressed, etc. for school...like you did to someone else I know...oh wait...you did it to ME!! You are so mean!

  3. lol...so glad I don't live with you...oh lord....

  4. I remember April getting in BIG trouble for getting you up WAY early! And April, your creativity spills over into every part of your life :o)


  5. Oreos filled with toothpaste = genius!!

  6. You are the queen of April Fools day! I chickened out on pranking my hubby. I figured he was doing so much for me and the baby that I owed it to him to be nice. haha!

  7. I just saw YOU on TV....or you WILL be on TV. I saw it online via a link from an email from the Squeeze Inn.
    I think your paparzaai will love seeing you...hope you put it on the blog :)
    You looked beautiful!

  8. I was laughing so hard reading this. I hope these are really good friends staying with you!!

    Love the lubed toilet seat!! Fun-NY stuff but also Ewwwww!!


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