Yesterday we took the Peterson family to San Francisco for some site seeing. We had a really good time. Along the walk from Pier 39 to Fisherman's Wharf are street entertainers. They range from break dancers, bush men (hiding in a bush scaring people) drag queens, spray paint artists and so on.

We walked past a drag queen and he/she jumped out in front of Dave and said, "You are the 100th person to walk pass me today. It is your lucky day. You will be dressed in drag!" Dave tried to walk away (more than once), but I was NOT letting him. This would be so funny. With all our encouragement and the chanting from the crowd he very relunctantly obliged. He had to, he was put on the spot.

He walked behind a folded screen and two he/shes started to dress him.

They started with a long blond wig.

Added full make-up with glitter eye shadow and red lipstick.

Thigh-high pantyhose over his hairy legs.

A mini skirt that was pretty tight.

A corset stuffed with boobs.

Pink high heels.

And a large turquoise feather boa.

I took tons of pictures.......

But this was the best one.......

...............................APRIL FOOLS!

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P.S. We really did go to San Francisco and had a great time. I will post some cute pics of the kids tomorrow!


  1. I found your Etsy shop...love those aprons and now I'm here! Great April fools joke!

    Nice to meet you! I found Shabby apple the other day...isn't it extraordinary?

  2. you got me!! I was dying as I was reading it and then got to the make-up part and thought to myself...he had to walk around the rest of the day with that on..hahaha.. that was a good one. Have fun today. Oh, your poor house guests having to live with you today...I should have warned them!

  3. I wanna know who got surgalubed today... I loved that one so my family better watch out....

    And I still think you need to take the pics of Dave for us.... now that you have our imaginations going! :)

  4. You totally got me girl... I was really looking forward to that picture:) I was about to send you a message saying that the link to the pic didn't work! LOL

  5. BOOOOOOO! I was so looking forward to that.

  6. Booooo hisss! hahaha! Good one! When are WE going to SF?! :)


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