Here is one of my time saving tricks. It's a little one, but every minute counts in busy days!

When I go into the bathroom to pee I turn the hot water on before I sit down. That way when I am done, pants pulled up, zipped and buckled the water is ready for the hand washing. And if any of Blake's dirty catheters are in the sink, I clean them while washing my hands. Killing two birds with one stone.....so there. I am the type of person that is ALWAYS thinking ahead! It kills me to waste time. And no, blogging and blog stalking is NOT considered wasting time!

Not to self.....try this the next time I am shopping and need to use a public restroom. Less time waiting for warm water and more time to shop. Just wonder if someone will turn the water off while I am peeing. Although, I'm not below yelling from my stall that that is MY water warming up!

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  1. I brushed my teeth in the shower last night to save time, and then I flossed in there too LOL. This way I get to enjoy the warm water like I want to without feeling guilty about wasting it :D
    Also it saves having to stand freezing at the sink or having to wipe up any toothpaste etc .
    I don't think I can bring myself to try your trick, I was raised in drought conditions/water restrictions and not having the water on for a *moment* longer then necessary is deeply ingrained ;)

  2. For as HARD as my boys turn the water on while they're washing their hands, I might as well waste the water when I pee too. Granted, I should be thankful boys are washing, right? I also think that being a mom/woman in general saves us a LOT of time because after watching my husband balance some of the house duties with the kids, we're soooo much better at multi-tasking, which grants us extra time automatically.

    April, thank God we are not roommates otherwise I could be the one who turnes your water off to you. I always give hard time to Dave when he turns the water on when he wash and brush his teeth (he dos not like cold water).
    But I agree about doing as much as possible to save time.

  4. I am about water conservation! But I realized I was standing at the sink doing NOTHING while waiting for the hot water to heat up to wash my hands. That was when I realized I could have pee'd during that time and the water would be ready for me! Just so you know that I do care for our earth :)

  5. You are hilarious! I watch TV and EAT at the same time once in awhile. Who would've thought?


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