Not once.....but twice.

While visiting the antique arcade in San Francisco last Tuesday my first stop was at a fortune telling arcade. An old grandmother with white hair and a turquoise cardigan, sat behind glass with eyes that looked real. I approached the fortune telling machine very apprehensively. You see....I have had my fortune read once before by a fortune telling arcade. And it came true.

Bill, my first husband, and I were married and traveling to Tahoe. We stopped in at Boomtown and both of us took turns placing our thumbs on a small metal plate, holding it there for a minute and then picking up our fortune that was spit out at the bottom of the machine. Bill went first. His fortune said that someone close to him would betray him and divulge a secret of his. He was freaked out about the fortune and I kept questioning him what he could be so freaked out over. Three weeks later Bill was arrested for staging a robbery of an ATM machine that I did not know about. His cousin's friend went to authorities with information Bill's cousin had told him about a robbery involving a large sum of money. His fortune came true.

I was next. I picked up my fortune from the bottom of the machine. My fortune was short and sweet. It said "You will be married twice." Now it was MY turn to freak out. There was no way at that time in my life did I ever believe I would be married twice. There was no way I was ever getting a divorce. To divorce meant that Bill and I would fail. That we would no longer be in love. That Bill's mom would win. She had only given us two years being married....stating sweetly that we just married too young and she doubted that it would work in the long run. Imagine my surprise when everything unfolded the way it did and I found myself getting a divorce. I never forgot that fortune. I wish now that I would have saved it.

So this time in San Francisco to say that I was a little nervous was an understatement, but something drew me there. Something I couldn't deny. I inserted my quarter, scared to death that my fortune would say "I would be married three times!" I stared the grandmotherly figure in the eyes. There was no touching point on this machine. Just eye to eye with spooky grandma. But I never looked away. I wanted the truth. I wanted my fortune.

Out spit the card. Here is what it said.....word or word.

"Some one has just mailed a letter to you. That letter will keep you from being blue.

Have you been lonesome lately? I see your days of lonesomeness ending. The future holds a happy reunion with a loved one. And no wonder you are loved. You have a very considerate and generous nature and are interested in all who are about you. You are a brilliant conversationalist. You will soon be offered an opportunity to travel. Refuse it. Your best interest lies in staying at home. I see a great financial change in your status in the near future."

I read and then re-read my fortune and then tucked it safely in my purse thinking casually if it really could come true a second time. What were the chances that I would get some random letter in the mail. Really c'mon. And the happy reunion was happening right then and there. Brielle and her family had come and brought such happiness with them. According to Dave, grandma nailed my personality. That was crazy. How did she really know? Anyways, we went about our business and I actually forgot about my fortune.

Imagine my surprise on Thursday when I went to my mailbox and there was a note with my name on the envelope. Someone had mailed me a letter. How crazy was that. The note was sweet. It lifted my spirits. You know sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. We question whether we do any good in the world. We wonder if we are ever really in the right place at the right time. Well this note confirmed it for me. A nice little reminder that prayers do work and are heard and some people are touched by them. The note said, "April, I don't know how many times you prayed to have the right words to say. But you always did. I will love you forever." I was touched. And hello....freaked out a bit, cuz my fortune said a letter had been mailed. NOT was going to be mailed in the future sometime, but already mailed.

So please, if anyone is thinking about offering me an opportunity to travel with them, please don't. Or maybe you should so as not to tempt fate. But just know I will have to turn you down according to my fortune. And who am I to go against my fortune! It came true a second time. Now bring on the great financial change please!

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  1. hi there...i stumbled upon your blog through someone else's and am so glad i did. i love this story -- totally crazy!

  2. When I first looked at that Grandma fortune teller I thought of the movie "Big" - His fortune came true too!
    That whole ATM story and the fortunes coming true - Freaky!
    I think you were pretty brave to get another one after all of the bad stuff.
    So happy for you that it was good - Here's to your million in the mail!

  3. That is so freaky! But yet so cool! Standing by to see what unfolds...

  4. freaky and cool at the same time. I think Dave is right, she totally nailed your personality. Is it wrong that I am totally drawn to getting one myself now. Unless it's bad in which case I don't want to know.

  5. That is spooky! I saw the fortune teller in Napa at the fair about 3ish years ago and she said I would have a son(check) and another child(check), and move to the east coast(Check) SPOOKY! She said other stuff too, but for the life of me I can not remember what it was:)

  6. I'm hearing Twilight Zone music about now...
    So I'm officially offering you to travel to San Diego to visit. What? You can't come? Hmmm...I guess we better not tempt fate: )
    But if I were to offer again down the road, would that still count?

  7. So, April... I'm going away for the weekend... maube you should come... just joking, of course! I would never tempt fate like that. (Unless I'm the sole participant) That is nuts! I want to go down there and see what the lady has to say about me... than again, she may just really like you and tell you everything you need to know. She might look at me a think, "Yeah. I don't work well with the crazies... try the turbaned gypsy a few booths down. Even then, I'm not sure he's seen a case this severe in years!"

  8. So am I a total pesimiste to think that "a great financial change" might not be all that great? To suddenly have no income would be a "great change" in circumstances, but not all that great.....

    Here's hoping that yours is the good kind... and if it is will you share?? :0)

  9. Steph likes to wear an almost 17 year old San Francisco sweatshirt that you guys bought us when we went to the city when Steph was a newborn. (Right after he had "hit the jackpot".) It still blows our mind when we occasionally reminisce that the sweatshirt was probably bought with hot money (not to your knowledge, of course!) Who would have ever imagined that fortune teller could have been so dead on... that's awesome to think of him shakin' in his boots after reading his fortune!

  10. Be careful what you wish for...a great could just be large...not necessarily GOOD....just sayin'. :) I am always tempted by fortune tellers, I think next time I'll think of you and indulge.

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