It's 3:50 and so far no girls have showed up for Activity Day. Is it OK to be excited? Especially since I was only planning on playing some fun games and having popcorn and lemonade. My kids are devouring popcorn and lemonade and I am enjoying this now hour I have off!

The City was fun, but the Gift Center and Jewelry Mart was a bit of a disappointment. No packaging material (which was our main goal) and a lot of the cute stores on the fifth floor were closed. Only opening on the first Tuesday of the month. Definitely worth going that day though. I did find a few good finds at a store that was closing and selling all their samples. Think very cute ruffled tin cake plates and a small metal pitcher in white! I wouldn't mind another day back at just that store. Anyways....my afternoon just free'd up and I'm doing a little happy dance on the inside!

POST EDIT......Blake just said "Mom call them to remind them." I ignored him!

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  1. That is funny Sometimes you just need a free hour. Call them? No way!!

  2. Call them?? NO WAY!!! You deserve a free hour :)

  3. Here is your english lesson for the day ~ there is no "s" on anyway. You should never say "anyways." I just love being your mom. And I'm looking forward to the weekend with you and your sweet family! See you later today.

    Love, Mom


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