Including all of you! Thank you for the thoughts, emails and comments. Your sincerity and concern is touching and so much appreciated. And I am reminded of all that I have to be thankful for.
I have just had much on my mind. My brother who is fighting brain cancer at the young age of 33, my son who will struggle with a socially unacceptable disability his whole life, dear friends who live far away, an overwhelming amount of work in the office, laundry, sewing, crafting.......shall we just say life.

I think I need to start exercising again. Seriously....it gets the good juices flowing and I think that, combined with more diligent and heartfelt prayer will put my butt right back to being happy.

I am so thankful for a very loving Heavenly Father. He continues to bless our family daily. When we are obedient in family scripture study and prayer we are immediately blessed. So obviously, that we can't deny the direct correlation. It is truly a humbling experience daily. And I am thankful.

During this Easter season I would be embarrassed if I didn't acknowledge my Savior's sacrifice that we celebrate during this time. The sacrifice He made to ease my burdens. To lighten my load. I need to rely on Him more and my Heavenly Father...daily, to ease my fears and sadness.

With that said, I will always love life. I will enjoy the journey. It is natural to feel saddened some times, but the beauty of my faith in God allows for happiness even when my heart might be troubled. It allows for peace and comfort too. And I will be exercising my faith. And enjoying this Easter season and the celebration of Jesus's life and death and Resurrection and what it means to me personally.

I wish you all a beautiful Easter weekend. You are all amazing! And if you haven't entered the giveaway below.....go there now! You all deserve to win.

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  1. Amen sista!

    Hope your family has a great Easter!

  2. See this is why I love your blog!!!

    I hope you and yours have a blessed Easter and are able to focus on the meaning of His sacrifice!

    Glad you're on the path to feeling better. Faith is always the way to get back...

  3. We hope your family has a blessed Easter. We miss you and both Chuck and I really enjoy reading your blog. Makes us feel like we are back in Napa.

  4. I loved your post. Between Heavenly Father and awesome friends is always how we make it through the hard times. I agree with the exercise making you happier. It is so true, It totally changes me and the way I feel, more energy, happier ect. Thanks for your example to me and my family. You have taught me a lot since I was 13 and I am still continuing to learn from you every day. I love it!!!

  5. you're very good at putting my thoughts into words. beautifully written.

  6. Reading words that you share make me remember to not dwell on the things that are burdensome. Thank you for sharing. I think we've all come to love Blake through the struggles you speak of, and it makes everyone just a touch more *aware* of things that we aren't always aware OF. Happy Friday, Easter, and weekend.


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