Dave was a bit mad two days ago when he asked me if I had checked the business emails and I responded with a "No, not yet."

I could tell he was irritated and was going to break his promise about not getting mad over business stuff so I kind of tuned out. I heard something to the effect about commenting on a blog.....before.....emails....checking in at the office.....blog.......work....blah blah blah. I hung up with a quick "love ya talk to you when you get home" kind of hurry up and get off the phone tone.

Dave came home with a little card for me that night. It went like this.......

Front: "It is important to have an interest in life, a hobby that can challenge and inspire." Dennis Mackey (with a picture of a man smoking and blowing out "o's" or circles with his smoke!

It made me laugh. But the handwritten note inside was sweet and witty and why I love that man so much.

Inside: "I can't yell about company e-mails if you don't know the business hours! Please continue to inspire with your blog, maybe someday we can establish working hours!" Love, David

Yesterday morning he stopped by at 8:40 am and found me checking and commenting on blogs. As he walked out the door he peeked back in and said, "Business hours start at 9:00am!"

I was 30 minutes late to work!

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P.S. Today is my man's birthday. Happy Birthday Dave! I love you, I do. Maybe later I will do a post just on you. It could rhyme or maybe be delivered by mime. It could be funny or witty or maybe we could even get a kitty. I know you wouldn't mind, because you are so kind, you even rewind. Rewind what you say, and by the way, did I tell you I loved your letter aboved. I bet you didn't know I could ryhyme and that I can make carne asada with lime. What to cook for your special day, maybe dinner out at SF bay. What would you like? Maybe a tyke or a bike. Oh it was dinner I was talking about. Maybe I will just take you out. And maybe, maybe I might just rhyme.....the whole darn time!

Happy Birthday my hunk-a-hunk of burning love!


  1. That is really funny and really sweet.
    My hubby works at home and his office is down the hall from my craft room.
    Sometimes he'll go walking by to see what I am doing and if I am commenting on blogs he just smirks and then laughs.

  2. That is great...I LOVE that...Dave is a funny guy...I don't think they will ever truly get it...they just need to accept it...and looks like Dave has...good man.

  3. April,
    I am so impressed with the way you rhyme and the way you can rhyme every line. You make me giggle you make me laugh, I laugh outloud like a long necked giraffe. I too should be getting on with my day, like dusting the furniture and raking the hay but I'd rather stay in touch with my friends and see what their blogs say every now and then.
    You are quite inspiring! Keep on blogging! Happy Birthday Dave! You're a good man!

  4. cute. Dave knows how to get you working with LOVE. what a cute post. Daniel usually starts with a compliment. "you did a really great job on the laundry and I really appreciate it. Maybe next time though, could you line dry my scrubs. they're now 3 inches too short." something like that.

  5. Oh dear April,
    I have to say that your blog and Stephanie's blog inspire me, make me laugh and touch my heart like no others. Dave seems a wonderful person who will always try to catch up that free soul in you which is constantly exploring for new trends and ideas to see or make in order to satisfy your Tummy Butterflies. Just be careful, he may one day tells you "He will stop loving you". When I am behind duties I usually ask my Dave if he still loves me, this is what he respons:

    "When eternity finally stops
    that's when I'll stop loving you".


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