Thank you all! She got a whopping 8 comments on her first day. That's better than my 'good' days! ha. She is a cutie. She blogged tonight about Bubbles. Oh to be a kid again. She is on my side bar if you choose to follow her. She is hysterical and cute in person...I really hope it comes through on her blog! Love you, Kaia.

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  1. I am SOOOOO excited to share her blog with my girls when they get back from their dad's!! They laugh at me when I check my blogs daily, adn roll their eyes wheh I post them on mine, so it will be fun to show them someone their age writting one!!

    And for your info April, I am starting to share Nathaniel's pre birth and birth journey on my blog this week.

    Hugs to the proud momma!


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