I needed a display for my aprons for a local grocery store that wanted to highlight my work in their gift section! "Hunnnnny," I said sweetly. "Of course you can build me something tonight right....for tomorrow?"

He did and Blake helped! And it turned out perfect.....and when I say "turned" I really mean "turns".....it actually spins around! Thanks, hunny and sweet little Blake for helping.

The stick on the top of the display is to hold my name "Funky Vintage Kitchen". I brought it down to the store yesterday and was excited to see my work in a storefront. I didn't have very high expectations....just excited to see a little dream come true. Imagine my delight when I received a phone call later yesterday afternoon from a very delighted customer who wanted to tell me that she purchased one of my aprons. PURCHASED ONE OF MY APRONS.....that same day! My first day in the store. Yippee! She liked it. In fact, she loved it and was so excited. She told me that my craftsmanship and work was beautiful and lovely and that the cotton fabric was just beautiful too. It was a great phone call. One I don't think I will ever forget. (In fact, I have left it on my voicemail and have listened to it 3 times......sometimes a girl has got to hear that recognition over and over again to actually let it sink in!) I knew people liked them, but actually having them in a storefront was a little scary. Now, I am thrilled. Over the moon in fact!

And isn't the stand so cute?! I will have to go snap a picture of my display at the store. For all you locals out there, if you want to see them in person they are at Vallergas! And more will be stocked in my Etsy store soon. Mother's Day is quickly approaching (shameless plug....sorry)!

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  1. Yippee for you! And remember folks, she's MY famous daughter! Way to go April!

    Love, Mom

  2. The aprons look great on their perch!

    Congratulations on the first sale!!


  3. That is so fabulous April. You deserve lots of success, your aprons are completely adorable. I love the apron stand, I can't wait to see your storefront sign :D

  4. Congratulations. That is really awesome!! How exciting. By the way, that stand is really really cute.

  5. That is so awesome!! And Dave and Blake did such a great job on your stand! Hey! Let's go to the store and I will take my camera and be your own personal papparazzi! The designer has arrived! I am so proud of you April!

  6. How fun!!! Silly me had to open a shop to show off my work.... you are so much smarter!!!

    And I *LOVE* the display stand.... anytime Dave wants to make more fun store stuff you can send him my way!! :-)

  7. Congratulations! That is great news...storefront?? I think the stand is great...what a wonderful thing for them to build for you. :) I hope you get lots more phone calls...or at least lots of purchases!

  8. Congrats, that is so exciting. I would do the same thing with listening to the message over and over again. What a great man you have not only does he know how to build nice things he does it with not much notice! You are pretty lucky to have him.

  9. Woah! He made that thing spin?! Woah! Awesome!


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