Eaten so far today......

1. 3 Reese peanut butter eggs.

2. 8 packs of pez candies.

3. 2 handfuls of black jellybeans.

4. 6 pieces of that egg shaped rainblo gum that looses it's flavor and gets hard 5 minutes after putting in your mouth.

5. The last 4 of the Ghiradelli caramel filled chocolate squares bought in San Francisco two weeks ago.

6. 1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberries and chocolate syrup further topped with a large portion of whipped cream topped with caramel.

7. 10 peeps. 5 pink hard ones and 5 yellow soft ones. Totally should have waited for the yellow ones to harden up. They made me feel a little sick. Ya think?!

8. 1 whole wheat english muffin with much too much real butter. That damn dairy farmer, Brock, has got me hooked. While he was visiting us he refused my Smart Balance and fat free milk, asking for the real stuff. Thanks a lot Brock! I am enjoying butter again.

9. 3 spoonfuls of egg salad without bread because the white bread was gone.

It really is amazing I don't have a headache. Now I have to decide what to have for dinner. Quite frankly........I full.

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  1. ROFL at first I read the first 3 and thought, well sheesh, what a lightweight. But then Aaron and I kept scrolling...and scrolling...
    and he wants you to know that he stood up and applauded you. You, my friend, are hard.core.
    You're closing in on me. :D

  2. PS: I just got a headache reading that. For real. The power of suggestion (and also having consumed large quantities of sugar myself today) is profound.

  3. I'm on my second package (large) of peeps...and I agree. They need to be a little harder. I have one more package that I'll try and hold out on a little longer. Kinda like Halloween. JUST EAT IT 'TIL IT'S GONE!! But you, my sweet thing are over the edge. Heck, you've actually fallen off!


  4. I guess being sick might be a good thing for me right now...haven't had a piece yet, nor does it even look good. I definitely have been there before though!

  5. sounds like my day. Seriously. Another thing that we have in common: air hardened peeps! I seriously have never met anyone else who eats them the same way I do!! Are you sure we are not related??? :)

  6. I am so glad to hear you started your exercise program on Monday!! HA!

  7. yuuuuummmmm black jelly beans

  8. That sounds like a very well balanced meal to me - hee hee!


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