The girls did each others hair almost every day!
Blowing Bubbles!

San Francisco....here we come....in our 15 passenger van!

Lunch at Bubba Gump's.
Brock could have been our server....he was wearing a Bubba Gump's hat exactly like the servers in the restaurant. While there I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask our server where Forrest Gump was shot.....just to make him say the word "buttocks"! And when he said, "buttocks" I giggled and said, "I made you say the word buttocks!"

Watching the sea lions off Pier 39.

Baby Cash!

Pier 39 Carousel

Cash Flirts!
Whenever I would say hi to Cash he would kind of squint his eyes while smiling....as if flirting with me. This was the closest picture I could get of his sweet smile and him making eyes at me.

Visiting the Antique Arcade on Fisherman's Wharf.

While there I accidently put my hand out in front of a strangers belly, stopping him in his tracks and said, "hunny, can I have a quarter?" He was coming up behind me and I had thought it was Dave. Well that was all I needed to have fun in the arcade. I sat on this horse which had a sign posted on it that read "for small people". And another sign that read "under 50 pounds please". I sat there for a good 15 minutes saying, "hunny can I have a quarter?" to every single man/boy that passed by me! I only had one person offer me his quarter. A young boy, maybe 10 or 11. He looked at his quarter as if it were his last one and he had been saving it for his very special game and then looked at me on my horse and said, "sure" handing it my way. I quickly refused and told him to keep his quarter and then proceeded to tell him that he was most definitely going to heaven and Brielle and I had a very endearing moment with that sweet boy who was willing to give up his last quarter to a crazy lady on a horse just wanting a ride!

Kaia collecting gum balls for everyone in a crane lifting game.

Stopping for a little photo opportunity in front of an amazing building in SF.

We walked all the way from Pier 29 1/2, where we parked, to Ghiradelli square. That, my friends, is a VERY long walk with children. We talked about chocolate and ice cream the whole way there while walking.

Imagine the children's disappointment when we got there and only bought chocolate....no ice cream. These are their faces.

Kamden is just too sweet to show a sad face....she couldn't hide her little smile. She was just happy to be there!

But Aspen and Blake's pouts got me. I went in and ordered ONE hot fudge sundae that we all shared!

And then we made our long walk back to Pier 29 1/2 to head home.

Of course Brielle turned silly on our way home. Why do you think I love her so much. She is as crazy as I am and you don't have to ask twice or beg her to do something silly. I asked for a pose and this was what I got. And it reminded me of all our fun times together.

She is beautiful! And did you notice that she is married to a Sylvester Stallone look alike!

The girls did EVERYTHING Kaia did! It was so sweet. And we did have so much fun with The Peterson Family. Come back soon! Real soon!

One quick side note. Aspen sings A LOT. She makes up her own songs about people she misses and how she misses their hearts and will be her heart and it is really funny. Brielle said that Aspen sung about Dave while driving back home and how she missed Dave and his heart! She was smitten and so was Dave! It was too sweet and so evident that last night we were all hanging out on our bedroom floor and Aspen would not leave Dave's side!
She did finally warm up to me too as long as I left her beautiful quilt that her Aunt Brittany made for her. I kept wanting to admire it and feel it and every time I tried, I got death eyes from Aspen. So I quit touching her blanket and she started hanging out with me!

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  1. Love the pictures. I can't wait to get copies of them. HINT HINT! Just kidding, take your time. :) You do take really good pictures. I love the ones of Cash you got. They are adorable. It was so much fun.

  2. what a cute family. Tell them to save that handsome Cash boy for my Audrey. He's darling.

  3. Great pictures. I felt like I was there!

  4. What a fun day in San Fran! The pictures are really good and you and Brielle are such nerds. You on that little horse and Brielle with a foot wrap on the tree - NERDS! I would have laughed with/at you though.

    Oh and so glad to hear that Aspen likes her blanket! It's one of my favorites.

  5. Oh how I wish I could have been there too! Can't believe you & Dave have been married 15 years.That makes me old. It just seems like yesterday when you & Dave got married & moved to Delaware and our family fell in love with both of you, and you have been family ever since. Jim and I commented on how time & distance have not truly separated you & Brielle. What wonderful memories you guys all made. I'm so happy. I love all of you so much, & miss you too,


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