Dear Diary,

It is 1:00 am as I write this. I have been up sewing aprons since 3:30 pm yesterday. I got an order from a crazy bunch of ladies who are hosting their school's fundraising auction. They needed 8 aprons total. 7 purchased and I threw one in to be auctioned off. I am also still needing to make aprons for our local grocery store, Vallergas. The buyer there wants to highlight me as a local artist and place some of my aprons in the store. I was thrilled at the news!

Kaia came home from school sick again today. She is having all kinds of crazy symptoms. Headaches one day, stomach pain the next and even some tightening chest pains that cause her shortness of breath. We have been to the doctor for the chest pain, but I think the headaches and stomach pain (cramping) is maybe hormonal related. I'm not sure I am going to be able to take it. Her attitude and moodiness sometimes drive me to do crazy things. Like call her a bad name. I felt horrible afterwards and had to go repent. I was at my wits end and she cried. I guess I am not that great of a mother after all. She had to school me. She came to me and told me that even though she is getting older, I could still call her a BRAT. I apologized over and over again. I actually couldn't believe I had really called her a bad name. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I will surely never be that desperate again. Although I think the shock value of it worked.

Blake's "I'd rather be home ALL DAY LONG in my bed doing nothing rather than going to school" attitude is also driving me crazy. He stayed home on Monday (not sick) and stayed in his room, doing nothing, including no blankie and no thumb sucking from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm (cuz no blankie was available there was no thumb sucking....I yanked that out of his room as a last resort to try to get him to decide to go to school). I did feed him breakfast, lunch and a snack in his room. He spilt the english muffin with butter all over his comforter...which means more work for me, but hey...he stayed in his room all day. Boy it sure was a quiet day and no back and forth to the school. But c'mon.....choosing to stay in bed all day doing nothing. That was what he chose. I did give him multiple threats....trust me. Dave told me to make him go to school. I said, "At what point do I make him go to school and in doing so need to use physical force that would be considered abuse?!" I swear I consider home schooling at least once a week.

Well....I am staring at dishes that still need to be done. And there is laundry that needs to be switched. The jackets are still on the couch that need to go into the trailer. And also food that needs to be loaded in the fridge in the trailer. Dave and my dad, are leaving to go camping this afternoon and we are meeting him there on Friday afternoon. It really is a work weekend for them and for us. We are going to clean up the girls' camp that will be used by our church this summer. I need to get my house picked up for Marissa who is coming today also to clean my house (I know....pick up the house for the house cleaner to come....but we as women do it!) My table is covered in fabric and needles and sewing notions, and I am heading to San Francisco this morning at 8:30 am with a friend to explore the San Francisco Gift Center and Jewelry Mart. We will be back at 3:00pm in time to pick up kids from school and then I have the 8 -11 year old girls from church coming over to my house for an activity from 3:30 - 4:30. Kaia has piano at 5:30 pm. And the thought of all makes me think I will be exhausted by 6:00 pm!

Next time I start my post with "Dear Diary"....it should be a warning of a rant fest. Wanna join in?

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Oh and P.S.....I might add that I am surprised at how many courteous shopping cart people we have in bloggy land. I am impressed! I am a "hooker" myself! Oh....go have fun with that statement....I'm too tired to care!


  1. Just to make you feel better. I have called Kirra that too, once. Did I feel awful? Yes. Was it the only word that seemed to work right then? yes. I hope I never do it again, but I sometimes REALLY want to, just because hormones are AWFUL for girls.

    Congrats on the aprons!

  2. man...I really hope my son stays 1 FOREVER....I wish you a little peace...it's hard when they suddenly have their own minds...I'm sure....

  3. Oh, my goodness, Girlie! Sounds like you really have your hands full right now. I pray you get some R&R in the midst of it!

  4. From one of the crazy girls who your making all of the aprons for, we really do appreciate it! Everyone loves them and their rings. I totally love my apron. I can't wait to show it off to them today after school. Just know that your efforts are appreciated, ok, maybe not by your kids right now, but at least your friends appreciate them! Have a great kid free day in the City. I'm totally jealioso!!!

  5. My chest fluttered with anxiety just reading about your day ahead! Those days where things happen one after the other after the other-those are the worst for me.

    I do hope things run smoothly for you!

  6. Ohh man, your day sounds a lot like mine, except we are on spring break and the kids, all four of them, HAVE to stay with me... and two of them are sick :(

    Note on Blake... days like that with Nathaniel mean he is processing something that upset him and he isn't ready to talk about yet...

    Hope you can let go of it all and have a great day in the city! Sometimes we all just need a break!

  7. Right about now you'll get some wisecrack like "treasure these days...they go by so fast!" I don't remember needing to
    "treasure" chaos. Although, because of who I am, I would have uncomplicated my life by scratching the San Francisco trip. But I'm not a goer. And congrats on Vallergas! I'm glad I got an apron before you got famous :o)

    Love you and looking forward to our weekend together at girls camp.

    Mom xoxo

  8. Man, good luck. That is so awesome about the grocery store wanting your aprons. I hope your day goes okay. And like my mom always told me, just think of one thing at a time tackle it, then move on to the next. Good thing your strong, you can do it all. Me on the other hand would be balled up in the corner rocking back and forth crying, wondering how I am going to get through it all. :)

  9. Awwww... April, I am so sorry you are having a hard day. Being blessed with so many talents is sometimes a difficulty. You are so talented and blessed, but with that comes harder trials and deeper difficulties. I am sorry that you are having a not so great day. I suppose it's one of those that either brings you closer to God or pushes you further away. Don't you just wish He didn't trust you so much, sometimes? I feel for you and hope that coming through this storm makes you a little more waterproof. Have a great time this weekend with your amazing family. I know it will be all worth it! (some of the time, anyway...)

  10. Man, did I ever have a doozy of an afternoon a few days ago. My little 3 year old and I...serious headbutting. Saying things I instantly regretted, so much it made me cry and go into her room to watch her sleep while rubbing her face. We make mistakes April. We get tired, we lose control. But we love them, we apologize, and we keep trying. Exhausting, isn't it?


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