The kids were really excited to throw daddy a little surprise birthday party complete with balloons and streamers. I have never seen them work so hard and fast to get something accomplished in such a short period of time. But they did it. And daddy was surprised!

On the menu for dinner......grilled chicken, grilled artichokes and grilled garlic bread. What can I say, the man loves grilling! I did surprise him with Cioppino (seafood stew) as a soup appetizer while he was grilling. And for dessert, we feasted on Kara's Cupcakes.

Blake found the perfect card for his "surprise" party. It is one of those audio cards. I need to record it and post it later if I can. It was perfect and quite hilarious once I listened to the whole thing. It goes something like....."happy birthday totally in your face....were you surprised....i think so....i see a little wet spot.....do you need to go change your pants......that happens when you get older.....surprise...hahaha.....we got you.....in your face!"

Here is the collage. Have I told you lately that I love Picasa 3 (it came on my laptop) and I have just recently discovered it? It makes these fantastic picture collages with a click of a button from the picture folder! Yeah for easy, fast and so cute.

Hope your day was special, daddy! We love you so much. Like "totally in your face" so much!

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  1. The collage is great! Dave's birthday surprise looks so much fun and those cupcakes look delcious!


  2. what a great way to celebrate his birthday....Love the cupcakes....

  3. I love the collage & the grilled food looks delicious! As an adult, sometimes it seems difficult to make birthdays feel special, but it looks like you did a great job!

  4. Hilarious card! What a lucky guy to have you 3! Happy Birthday Dave!

  5. I was hoping you had a picture of the card. LOL As soon as I read what it said, I knew it'd be those characters. Love them...they're funny. The cupcakes look tasty....I'm getting hungry. Thanks.


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