I went away from the norm and sewed a few new things this past week. The first are burp cloths I made for a baby shower with a sweet vintage western print! The new mommy loved them.

Next is a child's art smock/apron I made with some laminated fabric I had purchased awhile ago that I have been equally itchin' as scared to sew with! This is a being donated as part of an "instant playroom" that the kindergarten classes at our school have put together for our school fundraising dinner and auction. Dave made a beautiful bookshelf and we added to that some banana leaf baskets, a 5 x7 cool striped rug, step stool, bean bag, books, collapsible dinosaur bin filled with little toys, wooden bowling pin set, table and chair set, a guitar, art easel and an amazing assortment of art supplies. I figured an art smock would be appropriate and the perfect fit with our playroom. (When I get the bookshelf delivered today I will try to snap a picture to show the setup. It should get big bucks! Here is the apron.

And last, I promised an Easter review. It is in collage style. We had lots of fun. We colored eggs Saturday late afternoon. The Easter Bunny watched Sound of Music while busy filling the baskets and hiding eggs around the house. Sunday started with an egg hunt which lead to a water fight with kids and daddy in the backyard, which somehow turned in to a "pantsing" (you know coming up behind someone and pulling their pj bottoms to the floor) competition most of the morning. Grandma Toni came over with Easter goodies before church and was a good sport by sporting a mustache with the kids.

After church we headed over to Grandpa and Grandpa Erickson's house with all the cousins and their families and extended families. We played in their bounce house, enjoyed not only a kids' easter egg hunt, but an adult one as well, ate good food and played beach ball volleyball. Oh and Grandma Shari actually played cheerleading with her granddaughters. The pictures are in the collage. They are great! We also celebrated Kyle's 4th birthday with a spiderman cake. Good times. Memorable times.

And....can you find Fiona in the collage? Fiona graces us with her presence whenever Blake is in the mood to let Kaia dress him up in her hair extension ponies, her clothes and shoes. They introduce "Fiona" and he comes walking down the hall.....a little apprehensive, but mostly giggling beyond control. Dave hates it.....I think it is great!

Happy Weekend. I'm ready for it! I'm also ready for summer vacation from the school schedule and am counting down the weeks. I think I am one of the few moms that enjoy my kids home and the lazy schedule it affords us....even though we tend to not be very lazy people!
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  1. Oh, like mother like daughter. Our neighbors were appalled at how you dressed Jason. The pink tutu was your favorite.


  2. Blake makes a cute Fiona!!! My little brother used to let me do that to him too, he grew up to be fine!

  3. This collage is GREAT! I love it....you can put so much into it....and it tells a really nice story. It sounds like your Easter went fabulously. The apron is terrific. It makes me want to donate something good to my kids' preschool. It'll have to be bought, though....I don't sew. Or paint. Or build. I buy.

  4. All so super cute...LOVE the apron..as usual...great fabric print

  5. That picture is Fiona is hilarious! I love it!


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