Dave was at the supermarket when a man approached him and said, "You look familiar to me. How do I know you?" Dave responded that he wasn't sure where he might know him from. The man then said, "Wait......it will come to me."

Dave waited.....and waited.....and started to check out. And the man came up to him and said........."I know you. You're the guy that does those cannon balls at our community pool!"

Now that is something to be famous for! Dave says the next time he walks into the pool....he is going to walk in strutting his stuff while pointing to everyone. Just like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! He's all mine.

Pool dues are due today. Cannon ball guy WILL BE BACK!

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  1. ha, ha - my husband would LOVE that kind of notoriety!

  2. LOL That is a terrific thing to be famous for! Imagine if the guy said "I remember...you're the guy who almost ran my car off the road yesterday!" Instead of paying pool dues, you might be bailing someone out of jail.

  3. That is hilarious! I bet your husband was so proud!!

  4. HAHAHAA!!! That is hilarious!! Oh wait, I knew I had seen him before!

  5. Bwaaaaheeeehaaaa!! That is HYS-TER-I-CAL! I could totally see Dave pulling the John Travolta thing... well, I could pretty much see you pulling the JT thing, too!

  6. THAT is reallllly funny!! At least it wasn't something like "your the guy who wears the bright pink Speedo" or something even worse! Too funny!


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