(cleavage shot edited!)

That's my cowboy boot in the picture. Did you know I had a little country in me? Well, I do. Dave has none. But he has grown to like it a little. I raised market hogs for 4-H growing up. My thighs were in their best shape when I was line-dancing regularly. I kissed a cowboy in high school. And while I don't necessarily go for Wranglers.....I do dig cowboy boots!

This weekend was the 4-H fundraiser Barn Dance. We went with our regular "crab feed" friends. 20 of us. All partying and dancing and having a great time. The themed decorations were darling. The cowboy hats on the table doubled for tortilla chip holders. And metal cans of peanuts were lined up down the table. Dave and I had a wonderful date night. And had a wonderful night out with friends. Here's the picture collage of all the fun!

I did get to swing with the King of Swing himself, Kirk Matoza in our group. It was really fun and every time we get together to dance with Kirk and Michelle, I swear I am going to have a swing dance lesson party in our backyard. This year.....I swear I am!

Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. I love to swing dance too! It is the best when you have a really good partner. That looks like it was so much fun.

  2. Boots? Oh yeah, you had on boots. I didn't quite get past my daughter's cleavage! Looks like you had a great time :o)

    Love, Mom

  3. That looks so fun! You 2 are a really cute couple!
    Love the cowboy boots and the last picture - You look like you are really having fun!!

  4. That looks like a fun time. I wasn't really country at all until I married Brock. I love to country swing. We could of showed you guys a step or two. I love the first picture of you guys, it is a really good one.

  5. What cowboy did you kiss in school? And I'm with your mom, that's quite the cleavage shot!

  6. Mom, I promise my shirt was modest! But I did, finally get boobs after high school and I'm quite proud of them these days. Once I loose a few lbs. though they might disappear! And it really is just the camera shot, I don't usually show cleavage....I was really looking at the hat in the picture!

    And Lana.....I kissed Shawn Levan at the fair one year. He was a hot cowboy (wranglers and all)!

  7. You kissed Shawn! Too funny about the edit. I too, noticed the cleavage and not the hat! ;)

  8. That looks like so much fun!! We need a date night too, but I don't know if I could get him out for a barn dance....


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