I had a very enjoyable time at the beach house with the girls. We laughed hard (while holding our hernias....well I had to hold mine...so everyone held their sides too for sympathy purposes), scrapbooked/sewed, ate late night snacks, laughed, sung, walked, chatted and just had a great time. I always enjoy myself when I am with my Bodega Bay scrapbooking girls. I wouldn't trade those weekends with them for anything.

My late night snack.....Hagen Daaz ice cream with whipped cream....of course!

And my 26 aprons all folded up and ready for sale including 4 nursing aprons and some mother/daughter matching ones!

Soon to be on Etsy! Just need to get them modeled and pictures taken!

And....sneak peek at rings up tomorrow!

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  1. You can always send me one to model and take a picture of ;)... but you might not get it back!!! Very cute. Wish I could create like that! And that ice cream, yum!



  2. uber fabulousness....you are the sewer I strive to be....and haagan daaz.....be still my heart.

  3. I totally forgot to get my mom's apron from you. I guess I'll have to mail it to her. Glad you had a fun weekend.


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