I was spiritually fed again at Church today. I must really be in the mood! Not that it shouldn't happen each week, just some weeks are better than others and I've been on a roll with little spiritual boosts. I promise to share this week! I know I didn't end up sharing last week.

This was breakfast this morning.......

Our family is really enjoying our Sunday morning breakfasts lately. Even when it is as simple as Lemon Amish Bread and fresh fruit. The fact that it is homemade is one of the things that brings delight. The other is that Blake is very talkative at breakfast time on Sunday mornings. This morning he said, while eating up this breakfast, "Mommy this breakfast is sooooo good, we should have it EVERY morning!" He will barely eat breakfast on a school day, let alone do much talking. He mostly is trying to get in as much thumb sucking and blanket time as possible before we have to leave in the morning! What a delight this morning was with him.

We spent the weekend doing a major overhaul on the kids' bedrooms. Saturday morning Dave and I woke up at 7:30 am and headed out for a date. Kaia watched Blake, even making him pancakes for breakfast! Blake is still leery about Kaia watching him in the evening when it is dark, so Dave and I decided to do a date morning.....garage/estate sale hunting! We had a glorious 3 hours hunting through barns and other peoples' treasures. When we got home, Dave and Blake started purging in his room and Kaia and I started in hers. Blake's was pretty easy....mostly going through his toys and throwing away anything broken and reorganizing everything in it's appropriate bins. Kaia and I had our work cut out for us though. She is a self professed "PIG" and she states that she loves it, all while giggling. That girl's bedroom always looks like a tornado hit it. NOT ANYMORE THOUGH.

Here we are Sunday evening and we are almost finished clearing it out. She had more clothes that didn't fit her in her drawers and closets than did. Today we enjoyed ourselves in there. We had the windows open, cleaning and singing to her iPod. When we noticed most of the neighbors out, instead of being embarrassed about singing out loud....we just sang louder! It was fun girl time and her room is really shaping up. Maybe we can get some good pictures posted tomorrow of our work! It feels good to start Spring cleaning on the first weekend of spring!

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  1. I love the feeling of clearing out & getting everything organised and clean! What a great start to the week :)

    Saskia x

  2. April you have set me up for a hard core, all day craving of that bread! Yummy! We are making Friendship bread with the Young Women this month. Would you mind sharing the lemon variation that you talked about.

    Nothing more fun then purging a piggy room on a sunny day with the windows open-it makes me feel alive :) Glad you had such a great weekend!

  3. Please send me the lemon ingredients you used for this friendship bread also. Good idea for YW. I'll pass it on to my Ward, as well! Happy Monday :o)

    Love you, Mom

  4. I remember my days of making Amish bread. So Yummy! However, we now have Joe on a gluten free diet for a time and I think that would be torture!

  5. Here is the lemon version.....omit the cinnamon in the recipe and swap out the vanilla pudding for lemon pudding. Then I just added a lemon/powdered sugar glaze on top. Someone suggested you could also add poppy seeds to the lemon version! Have fun making it.

  6. wow.,..the fact that you can get your husband to go estate sale hunting with you....can you teach me....and yummy...all I can say...yummy

  7. so what would I have to do to score a slice of the lemon bread? I am super jealous that you have a singing partner. maybe Audj'll be mine. solos are lonely and embarrassing.


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