For all you Mormons out there (or non coffee drinkers) that have never stepped foot in a Starbucks or feel completely intimidated in there and are not sure how or what to order......here it is "Mormon Style"....

"I'll have a grande non-fat toffe nut hot chocolate with four pumps chocolate and four pumps toffee nut, with whip and caramel on top."

There you have it! Now memorize it. Go in and order it. Enjoy it. It is soooo sweet!

They also have a fabulous Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. But not as much fun to say out loud!

AND.....I had a great weekend....got sooo much done (can you say 'over 26 aprons made!'), will be posting more today on my trip here and working on uploading everything onto my Etsy site including some fun big spring rings that I couldn't resist making. They are so fun! I'm also working on a baby shower I'm planning for this weekend and will be posting sneak peeks on my Butterflies blog. As always, Happy Monday!

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  1. I am not Mormon but will DEFINITELY try that concoction! On another fun note, you have me hooked on your playlist songs and I saw in the paper this weekend that the Plain White T's will be here in Michigan this Saturday night - WAHOO! We're going to go see them :-)

  2. Help me...I don't understand the Mormon connection to coffee and Starbucks...? LOL I am clueless, I guess. Congrats on all the aprons...that's some WORK!

  3. I cannot WAIT to see the rings!!!! POST! (but only for me so everyone else doesn't get to them before I do! LOL) :)

  4. I love their caramel apple cider.....mmmmmmmm

  5. Personally, I am a "Venti Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, no whip" kind of girl. YUM!!!!
    - Kami


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