I don't have to worry about avoiding this new sign in our neighborhood....placed smack dabbed in the middle of the road.

I get that it is a warning that there are children crossing the street during school hours. I get that people need to slow down at crosswalks. I get that pedestrians have the right away once they step into a crosswalk. What I don't get is why the City wouldn't place it there temporarily and then try, in their own vehicle, to try to make a left hand turn from the school and try to steer around the sign. It is almost impossible. You have to go straight and then make a sharp left hand turn. Luckily for THOSE people that just might happen to drive that route....everyday for over 7 years, and make that left hand turn automatically, cutting off the corner of the turn lane and accidentally hitting the yield sign......it is on a hinge that allows it to fall down and then spring back up! Let's see if it has been hit......

Yup....looks like it....more than once. Let's take a closer look........

Have I ever mentioned that I do drive a BLACK car. Oooops! I swore Blake to secrecy....but then caved when I started giggling the other day driving past it with Dave when he said "looks like it has been hit a couple of times."

Thank goodness for Spring break! Maybe I should go practice my left hand turn this week.

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  1. LOL The city really should have reviewed the intersection with cameras for at least a solid month (or year) before changing up your route.

  2. Actually I think the city would get much better (funnier) pictures now. Let's see how many people we can get today!! LOL LOL

    Love, Mom

  3. Maybe you should just have Kaia drive!


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