I couldn't help but stop along the highway a few different times while I drove home from my weekend away in Bodega and admire the signs of spring.

The mustard is in full bloom here in the valley.

I have to admit.....I do love where I live.

And even though so many times I wish I had a bigger house, or different counter tops, an upstairs, or a craft room, a spare bedroom, bigger front porch, separate laundry room, bigger family room, different furniture.....and so on and so on, I do love driving up to my little house with our cozy furniture and textured drapes and know that Dave and I built it with our own two hands and picked out everything in it! Really how could I want anything more.

Hunny can we build the craft room/shed in the backyard this summer?

And a little after thought.......I'm considering interviewing "the Kennedy boy" aka my hubby on my blog for Friday. Interested? Any questions?

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  1. Oh...you make me long for green....still waiting for spring to arrive here in NJ....

  2. would love to hear "the Kennedy boy's" take on your beginnings as a couple :-)

  3. Please don't post pictures like that anymore... I am soooo homesick! jk about the pictures. I absolutely love them... but I am very serious about being homesick. I want my mommy! oh wait- she will be at my house on monday... yes!

  4. Just hearing you talk about Bodega Bay makes me want to drive right up there to see it again.... such a big part of my childhood and I haven't been there in YEARS. Next time post pics for there too please :)

    Love how beautiful our country side is hu? Wonderful... thanks for sharing!!

  5. It's amazing how different our areas are yet we're not THAT far away. haha!!! Dont get me wrong... beautiful drive down the coast for me on a daily basis. Just nothing like this. However, if I drive an hour or two toward the San Jacinto Valley I see the cows...
    CA is a beautiful state to live in! Now if it would only be a little less hefty on my wallet... hahahaa

  6. I miss the glorious mustard sooo much. I remember how exquisite Napa was this time of year! You are indeed super lucky to live where you live in your perfectly adorable home.

  7. I want to know what is the very first thing he noticed about you when he saw you the second time around.

  8. I've always wondered about white milk, haha too funny

  9. I want to know if he was still scared of me the second time around? :o)


  10. I had so many inside joke, raunchy and inappropriate questions to post on this blog to ask 'the Kennedy Boy' But, I am woman of class (excluding the occasional scrapbook weekend... on the phone...in RS...gosh, maybe I have no class!) so this is the question I think you should ask: "What's your favorite thing about 'the Erickson Girl'?"

  11. I don't know if this question was asked, but since we heard your version of the love story....could you ask him:

    At what point(s) during your growing up together/courting/dark room kissing phases did you KNOW that you were loving Miss April? Did it hit you a couple different times, did you always stay "in crush" with her, or was it not until you got together as adults?

    (is this okay? I don't know what kinds of questions you're taking, but I love hearing both sides of love stories and giggling at their sweetness.)

  12. I love the white milk comment. My grandpa was a farmer in southern Idaho and quite a jokster. He was always joking with the kids (and kitties) while he milked the cows. The story I remember most, paraphrased here (I'm not as funny as Grandpa), white milk comes from white cows, chocolate milk comes from brown cows and powdered milk comes from dry cows (I'm not sure why they had dry cows but they did). It made me start thinking about brown and white combined. He said that you never knew what you would get with them.

    I loved my Grandpa so much. Thanks for bringing back a memory!!!


  13. ugh, I miss the beauty of the valley. Love the pics!


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