SO FAR.....

this SPRING BREAK week we have (in no particular order)....

1) made crepes with strawberries and powdered sugar for breakfast with friends

2) squeezed meyer lemons for fresh squeezed lemonade

3) played in the sprinklers with umbrellas and goggles

4) ate picnic lunch on the driveway

5) Kaia made her first yellow cake from scratch. She's not afraid of the KitchenAid mixer!!

6) Blake's back got sunburned.....bad mommy.....sad mommy.

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  1. LOVE the goggles!!! reminds me of #4 in "Multiplicity"....but in the FUN way, not the "touched" way :-)

  2. so cute. your kids are adorable and oh so fun. Thanks for the crepes. I have been thinking about buying a crepe pan and now I am for sure.


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