Seriously. Girl swallows engagement ring boyfriend has hidden in her milkshake on Tuesday. They are both shocked when he realizes that she has finished her milkshake and she hasn't found the ring and proceeds to tell her that he had hidden an engagement ring in the milkshake.

My question is this......how do you wear that ring for the rest of your life knowing what you had to go through (literally) to get it back? She "found" it Thursday morning. GROSS.

And I'm just saying....how did she get through a milkshake and not feel a ring in the mix? To her defense she was using a spoon to eat the thick milkshake. But I have on not one occasion, but TWO different occasions found a dead fly in my vanilla milkshake. YUCK. Can you believe that? The first time was at a Denny's type restaurant with my parents. The whole time I was drinking the thick milkshake I was playing with what I had thought to be a vanilla bean at the bottom, only to discover at the end of my milkshake that it was a dead fly. I almost barfed.

The second time, Dave and I were newly married on the east coast. While I'm drinking a vanilla milkshake and telling Dave about my horrible dead fly in the milkshake experience, I find myself playing with something at the bottom of the cup again. I investigate earlier this time and find a dead fly AGAIN while I'm telling about my story of the first time. Would you believe that I still love vanilla milkshakes and order them while out. What are the chances of a third time? Seriously.

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  1. How could you not feel that you've swallowed a ring??! The poor guy must have felt so bad that his romantic plan went so wrong!

    Chances of a third time dead-fly-find are very slim. Definitely worth some more vanilla milkshakes!

    Saskia x

  2. I saw that on the news! I was sure the couple was LDS-they just had that BYU look :D

    I am about to barf over your vanilla milkshake tales. What are the odds? And yes, I'm amazed at your stamina in continuing to order them! My one friend bit into a cinnamon "raisin" bun once only to find the "raisin" was crunchy-yup dead fly. She has never been able to eat another.

  3. I was fine reading about the dead flies becuase it was always a near miss...but when Kirsty described a dead fly as 'crunchy' is when I dry heaved! Haahaaaaaa!!!

  4. BARF.. you're kidding me. I JUST had a Vanilla milkshake last night at in-n-out I drank it with a straw through an opaque cup. no detectable chucks though. gag!
    my only dead fly was found in a salad at costa vida in Roseville. I was scarfin, then just happened to examine my salad at the right moment and there it was. nestled in the fold of a piece of romaine. yumm. lucky I found it too because my salad was packed with black beans and meat. I could have easily dined on it.

  5. going for the "three's a charm?" :-) have to tell you, i LOVE your playlist - such fun songs!!!!

  6. People make fun of me for eating so slowly, but it's because I am mushing everything in my mouth. LOL I don't like swallowing lumps of anything...and that goes for semi-liquidy stuff.

  7. I found a fly in my coffee once, but if I found one twice, I may consider giving up coffee.

    I guess I wouldn't mind finding diamonds in my coffee...



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