We have been crazy busy over here in our little household. Meetings every night, baby shower to-do lists, girls camp fundraising, girls camp meetings, ballet, gymnastics, and so on and so on. Blake hasn't done his homework at all this week and I was just cleaning out his backpack and found this fun little writing that follows the "100th day post" so fittingly.....still no scanner so here is how it goes.

"Begin each line with a word that starts with the letter on that line."








E.....does it really matter after FART what else he wrote! (Evertt)



Can't wait to ask the teacher about that one!

It reminds me of the time that Kaia wrote in 2nd grade that she feels like a big kid because her mommy leaves her baby brother, Blake, with her to watch while she goes to visits friends at their house. I made sure I walked straight in to Mr. Adams classroom the next day and explained that my friends house was my next door neighbor and I was just standing on the porch, but asked Kaia to watch him to help her feel important. YEA RIGHT....he probably thought!

Oh well, better than Kaia's kindergarten classmate who on Mother's Day during the Mother's Day tea wrote and read aloud to us all that she was thankful for her mommy because her mommy taught her how to make a rum and coke!

With that.......have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Started my morning with a belly laugh! Somehow it seemed funnier this morning than when you read it to me last night. Of course the Kaia story helped too!

    Love, Mom

  2. HAHAHAHAAA!!! So cliche... but kids say the darndest things! My mom recently told me a story about when I was a kid... she used to say she was a "chocoholic" and I had told a friend and her mom that my mom was an ALCOHOLIC. The friends mom, who my mom didn't really know yet, came to my mom to ask if there was anything they could do and to let her know that they were praying for her. Yeah my mom turned all shades of red when she was even just telling me that story!

  3. April,
    I'm so glad you clarified the frt thing...being a guy, I never would have gotten that!
    Sounds like all is well with you and yours in Napa.
    Elder VS


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