We have total cooperation! Lift off baby. Here is Dave's (aka The Kennedy Boy, Hubs, Mr. Kennedy) brutally honest answers to our questions.

What makes you truly happy?

"Smoking weed." (Ok...so that really was his first answer because that is how he is.....a rebel....he's not going to give me the answer I want the first time around so he will make something up. Don't worry he gets serious by the next question.) "No....just kidding. Vacation with my family....anywhere."

What did you think of April the first time you saw her, the second time around?

"She finally grew some boobs!" (I really was a late bloomer and that really was the answer to his question the first time I asked it after dating him for a few months!)

Where you as afraid of April's mom the 2nd time around as you were the first?

"No...I was an adult. I knew I could get up and walk out if I wanted to this time."

Best vacation so far?

"Tie between first trip to San O'nofre beach with Shawn Granthem at 17 years old and second trip to San O'nofre beach with April in the rented VW bus camping for five days."

How do you really feel about April's blogging addiction? (answer that started argument)

"She doesn't get anything else done." argument ensues.....and he finishes answer next day in an apology card/letter....."I do like your blog and your talents. I guess that I'm a little jealous I can't vent or cry or be happy and be O.K. with everyone knowing my stuff. I admire that about you." (He got a big hug and kiss from that part of the card and probably even got lucky last night!)

What was your dream job growing up?

"To be a general contractor with a hot wife.....for reals. My Uncle was a contractor and I worked with him in the summers. I always dreamt of being a successful contractor in a beach town, sporting a polo shirt, jeans and work boots and a hot wife by my side."

What would be your dream job now?

"Trust Fund Baby."

What's your favorite thing about "the Erickson girl" aka. April?

"That she is crazy. Most people need to have about 4 or 5 drinks to be fun and crazy....she needs none."

What is your take on your beginnings as a couple? At what point did you realize that you really liked/loved April....the first time around or second time around?

"I wasn't as into April as she was me in high school. I liked her and I liked kissing her, but wasn't stealing her jeans and hanging them on my ceiling. The second time around I realized that April was different from a lot of girls I had dated. She wanted the same things in life that I wanted and I knew I could trust her with my heart. "

Favorite Sport?

"Banging a cheerleader." (there goes his funny answer again.) "Dirt bikes...of course."

Favorite TV Show?

"Diners, Drive-in's and Dives, Rob & Big, Chelsea Lately, and Beavis & Butthead."

Biggest Fear?

"April dying before me."

First time you cried as an adult?

"When Kaia was born."

What tugs on your heartstrings most?

"The little guy sitting on my lap right now (Blake). I think about him all the time. I think about his struggles, his future, his feeling's being hurt, his physical handicaps. It hurts me to know that he will never function normally. But it will be O.K. I love him exactly the way he came to us."

What did you think of April's hot pants last night?

"What does she think she is doing?" (he was still too mad to appreciate the beauty but he did smile a big fat grin when I told him I did it on purpose and then blogged about it!)

Thank you hunny for being a good sport, for anwering all of our questions, for adding in your rebel sense of humor that I have to live with daily, and for the nice card you came home with last night. It was touching and very much appreciated. He likes my blog.....he really really does! Now if I could just get him to be a guest blogger for a week!

Happy Spring! Happy Weekend!

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  1. You gotta love dave. You're a good sport Dave. Justin would just give me a dirty look if I asked him these questions, although his answers would be quite similar, in the sarcastic tone.

  2. David...I love that you came into April's life. You are the perfect husband for her. Come on' April...make his lunch everyday! Notice Dave, she didn't ask you what you wished she did differently. It would be to make your lunch. Right? Dr. Phil would say - "Are you kidding me?" Blah Blah Blah. I'm glad I was there to witness Kaia's birth tears. Have a great day!

    Love, Shari/Mom

  3. haha.. so no boobs in HS huh? me neither. that was pretty funny. Dave seems like your opposite in a lot of ways. I guess that is what makes you a good match. and you were a cheerleader right?

  4. I loved this!

    Have a great weekend.

    Saskia x

  5. This is so great! Dave is such a good sport. LOVE the idea. May have to do it with MY Dave and kids too. :)

  6. These are great! His silly answers sound very similar to what my husband would spout off to me. :)

  7. Love the answers. :) It's always fun to "hear" from the people we blog about so much.

  8. That was really entertaining! :) Looks like he got his dream job right down to the hot wife at his side. :)

  9. Yeah Dave is awesome for participating and your awesome for telling us the real answers haha this was so dang funny!


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