Hiking hills in the morning and teaching ballet in the evening....all on the same day, make for jell-o legs. I went down into a plie tonight with the girls and couldn't get back up. If that wasn't bad enough....I then went on a rant to tell these girls (a bunch of 12-15 year olds) how I thought I would never have a mom's body and be that out of shape. And those babies did it to me, and well the way I eat now, and how my metabolism is changing, and that I really do look like a mom. Then I snapped out of it, looked up at all of the girls, stood back up and realized I had been mumbling out loud for way too long about the whole situation......boy did they look scared!

Speaking of jell-o. I just made my Amish bread, the lemon version, dusted it with powdered sugar. It smells delish.....just came out of the oven.....and I'm off to treat myself to a slice or two. Who cares that I just mumbled a few hours ago about how out of shape I am!

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  1. a quote from parents magazine "if I couldn't silence my inner critic for my own good, then I had to try to do it for my daughter."

    Mine isn't listening quite yet but she will be soon and I really have got to reign in the self criticism.

  2. amen sister!!

    And you know what.... You are showing them that you can have a "real" body and still be a beautiful dancer too! THAT is a VERY important message for our youth to recieve!

  3. You hike, you teach, you bake....sheesh. You make us regular "janes" feel really, really weak with our mommy game. LOL


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