Carolyn over at Blossom Jewelry has got me hooked on big rings! Cabs and flowers to be precise. I predicted they were going to be hot this spring and summer and well.....I'm just helping my prediction comes to past. In no way am I changing things up over at my Etsy site to jewelry....Carolyn is the best. Absolutely talented. But one night I did start searching for items to make MORE big rings. I can't get enough of them. Everything I bought came in fours.....which means for the most part I have three to sell of each style! And little flower earrings too. All are on adjustable rings. And I will paint the insides with clear finger nail polish so they won't turn your finger green after wearing them for a day! They really are so much fun to wear. They should start appearing on my FunkyVintageKitchen Etsy site by early this evening. If you are local and want one, shoot me an email and I will list one for you with no shipping charges. I'm not getting anything for wholesale because, well, I'm not a regular jewelry making girl. I will be selling them for $12, including pretty packaging. And shipping will be $4. Here is a sneak peek!

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  1. Can I call the redish/pink or black one? I love them and must have one of them!

  2. These rings are so cute! I love them.


  3. They are delightful! I am addicted to flower earrings. :) I have really small hands so big rings are hard to pull off but yours are mighty tempting. You are so creative!

  4. Ok, I would like a black one on a thick band. When you list it on Etsy as reserved let me know and I'll go purchase it. Thanks!

  5. I LOVE the drak pink one, but don't see it in your shop. Did you already sell it? I REALLY WOULD LOVE IT!!

  6. Those are really cute, and that's coming from a non-jewelry wearer. I wear my wedding ring, and that's it. Might catch me with a pair of dangly earrings for the right occasion but not usually. :) I like these, a lot. I have a feeling they won't be lasting.

  7. Hey is the one that looks like a grebera daisy take?Can I order that and the paper bag journal book? ( :
    Seriously can I ?
    xoxo Sheri DeBow


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