Tomorrow is the first of April.....April Fools. It is the start of MY month. Would it surprise you at all if I told you I almost always play a prank on my family for April Fools? I do. I usually vaseline the toilet seat (or in our instance....use surgilube from Blake's cathing supplies because that is what we have on hand)!

One year I did it to Kaia and she cried. I should have waited a couple of years.

Remember that we have guests staying with us? I'm going to vaseline the guest's bathroom toilet seat. Let's hope Brielle's husband is up first to use the bathroom so he gets the joke played on him!

Do you do pranks on April 1st? If so...please share. I could use some new ideas!

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  1. Take Oreo cookies, scrape out the yummy centers, and replace with white toothpaste. So evil, but so funny.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I'm DYING laughing! Just the pure thought of vaseline-ing the toilet has me in fits! I really need to prank this year. I dont usually. You can bet I'll be back to see what others say!

  3. In college one time we took a pair of underwear and smeared peanut butter and some crushed chocolate cookies (to make it a little more brown and chunky) then we left them by the toilet, put some in the toilet, and some on the toilet seat. Then we waited for one of our roommates to use to bathroom. It was pretty funny.

  4. I only wish I could be good at pranks...I'm always to prankee....so I'm getting ready...to receive who knows what...

  5. The best one that my sister and I ever did was using plastic wrap on the toilet seats.(stretched tight so you can't tell it is there and taped with clear tape) It is pretty messy, but really funny because they think that they missed the toilet. Isn't that terrible. I still get the giggles every April Fools day because of that one time.

  6. Oh my gosh, my friend is lubing up the toilet seat for her boyfriend! (I work in a GI center... lube is easy to get and is oh so slippery!)

  7. My Mother has always been really good at April Fools jokes.

    Check out my blog for some fun things she has done in recent years.



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