So the results from The Kennedy Boy's interview just might have to wait until Monday. He's not wanting to be as cooperative as he was when I wrote the earlier post. Last night I sat down with him to start with a few of the questions. Unfortunately (but being real here) it lead to a little argument. Bummer huh. Anyways a little argument ensued, I threatened to sign off on blogging completely (which I knew wasn't fair fighting, because I didn't really mean it) but he had hurt my feelings a bit.

After we had said our few things and decided that we would just go to bed not talking (because sometimes just starting fresh in the morning is really better), I got up from the couch and stormed down the hall. I could tell he had every intention of not speaking to me the rest of the night and possibly allowing himself to fall asleep on the couch. (We have NEVER not slept in the same bed after an argument.) But here is where I really wasn't fair.

I changed into pjs. Naughty pjs. A tight little t-shirt and hot pants and decided that I needed a drink of water from the kitchen before falling asleep. So back down the hall I went with my butt cheeks showing....passed him without making eye contact and got my little drink of water. Then turned around and passed him again...showing my backside....all while smiling from ear to ear....knowing exactly what I was doing! Shameless I know. It didn't soften him as easily as I hoped. But he did come to bed around 1:30 am and I whispered....."I really don't like arguing."

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  1. Maybe after the storm blows over I could ask him about the "hot pants" and what he thought about them and add them to the interview!

  2. LOL Well, you are better than me...I've been so angry I've taken my pillow to the couch and slept GREAT after a tiff. LOL It made him feel bad that he got the bed and I didn't, so the angry feelings dwindled. (p.s. - I slept great without his snoring! LOL)

  3. oh, I love you apes, you're my kind of girl. that isn't fighting dirty. Just a gentle reminder of why it might be in HIS best interest to make nice. =) hahaha I love it.

  4. Well, I couldn't think of any questions to suggest for the husband-interview before, but NOW I can!
    You crack me up. The absolute best part is that you blogged about it!

  5. lol....women don't get mad...they just get even....you go ....

  6. I am so glad I was not drinking something when I read this, because I can't afford to buy Jimmy a new laptop!!! You rock my socks, April!

  7. April, You are one in a million. I would have locked the bedroom door and stewed about it for 2 days. SO, do you get the wife of the year award too? It's nice to know you fight though! Argue, have a disagreement, get annoyed, whatever you want to call it. You were seeming a little to perfect, and then you go with the Hot Pants. Dave is one lucky hubs.


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