We had an incredibly busy week last week and just a wonderfully busy weekend. We started Friday night at a fundraiser event for Kaia and the girls from our church to raise money they are going to need to attend the Church's girl's camp this July. We had a great time hanging out and visiting with friends. In fact, the gym was completely cleaned up, lights turned almost off and there were still three families (us included) sitting in chairs underneath the basketball hoops until 9:30 pm chatting away.

I had to still go home and sew a full apron for a gift my mom wanted to give to one of her friends on Saturday. I was up until midnight sewing. It was worth it though...it turned out really fun and Caren loved it. Saturday morning was spent setting up for the baby shower and then off to a funeral for another extended family member (one of Dave's cousins that died last Sunday after a two year battle with brain cancer) that was out-of-town. We really are done with funerals for a while....please. It was a marathon Saturday driving all over, but I couldn't ask for a better way to end the evening than with the wonderful friends that came to have fun and shower Kathy with love and baby gifts.

I promise to post the link this week for mosiac picture making!

Isn't that Kathy the cutest thing ever? I am so excited for her to have her baby and experience the love that comes with a baby that you are entrusted to care for and love. I told her it was all consuming and she will soon find that out!

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting for the shower than Mike and Cathy Wagner's home. What gracious hosts! Friends that offered to help with the shower brought appetizers and the food was absolutely amazing! The games were so much fun and the skits had us all rolling on the floor laughing. We did have a video camera rolling and if I can bribe a certain someone, I will try to get at least my skit posted for your viewing entertainment! More pictures posted over on my Butterflies blog. It was really a delightful evening....lasting late into the evening. Yeah for girlfriends and babies!

Sunday was filled with spiritual enlightenment which I will share this week as I want to journal it as a reminder for always. After attending three funerals in a period of three weeks I will say this.....enjoy each day....enjoy the little moments in life.....tell those around you that YOU LOVE THEM....and treat them good. Be happy, full of joy and offering kindness and service to those you love. It does make a difference. Happy Monday!

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  1. I CANNOT wait to talk to you in person to hear


    about the shower!

  2. What an uplifting post... it's just what I need this Monday morning!

    I'm glad the shower went well. The photo of Kathy is so pretty!

    I hope you have a good week,
    Saskia x

  3. April,
    I know making Caren's apron for me to give her was a sacrifice for you in a very BUSY week. Thank you! Is was the perfect gift and she can't believe she now owns an "April Apron!" And maybe...just maybe you got some of your creativity from me 'cause you must admit, I put together three great swatches of material for you to sew :o) Have a great week!

    Love, Mom

  4. What a great post to my disaster of a Monday! Thank you!!

    The shower pictures are GREAT!!! I hope you are able to get at least your video posted! That would be a riot to see!!!

    I can only imagine how difficult it must be to handle 3 loved ones passing. Isn't it wonderful to know God's plan and to be able to rely on this in your time of need?

    God Bless,


  5. Busy weekends usually tend to mean GOOD weekends. I'm happy to hear that yours fell (mostly) in that category. Happy Monday.

  6. April-
    I'm so sorry that I didn't email you my shower ideas. I actually did and I hit a button and it was erased!!! Anyway, I had good intentions but it looks like you needed NO help from me.
    That shower looks adorable!!
    What a week.

  7. Sorry to hear you had to attend so many funerals. Amazing how attending even one throws everything into perspective and makes you appreciate so much more the family and friends you come in contact with. Weather it be everyday or days few and far between. I think your awseome, love you!


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