Kaia walked out the door for school today wearing one of MY little cardigans. It first started a few months ago...I noticed her wearing some of my earrings. Then last week she took off with one of my new BIG rings and came home glowing that all the girls at school loved it. NOW....my clothes. I guess I always wanted a sister who wanted to share clothes {which I did have a sister....but she hated when I borrowed her clothes}. Now I have a daughter to share clothes with. It might just help out our budget!

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  1. Let me remind you...it was not that you "borrowed" my clothes...you TOOK my clothes. To think I was so mean about it and you don't hold grudges because now you let me come over and TAKE your clothes since my budget doesn't allow for the cute clothes that your budget does! Now I am going to have to compete with Kaia over your leftovers...UGH...no fair!
    Love ya, Jill

  2. And I was the lucky one because no one WANTED my clothes! And April, I thought I was supposed to get to pick through your leftovers too!!!

    Love you too ~ Mom

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  5. Oh, you just reminded me why I'm excited to have boys! I don't have to share my razors, shave gel, girly soap (although Hubs still sneaks it sometimes)....nothing! But if you like doing it..that's great. :) Budget saver, indeed.

  6. I used to steal my mom's clothes too! Then when I moved out it changed. Although I do ransak her closet when I go over there. It doesn't end. But on the plus side... she does take my stuff now that I'm older and "hip". hahahaa!!!


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